Our sales approach is focused on your success, not hard sales tactics

Distributors, wholesalers and brands can learn in a few simple steps how Zoey can improve their business processes and gain efficiencies.

Salesforce Connecter with Zoey

Step 1 - Initial Chat

Upfront, we ask you a few simple questions to confirm what you’re looking for, and whether Zoey will be able to assist. If we’re not the right choice, we’ll let you know. 
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Step 2 - Checklist & Schedule Demo

Our unique New Solution Checklist reviews common requirements wholesalers, brands and distributors have, and helps us ensure we review what’s important to you.

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Step 3 - Present Live Demo

This is your first introduction to Zoey, and its core feature set. You get to know the foundation of what makes Zoey productive for so many B2B and wholesale businesses.

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Step 4 - Proposal & Invoice

You’ll be sent a proposal with your terms based on your requirements; if you accept the proposal you’ll be asked for signature and payment to initiate your first subscription term.

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Step 5 - Implementation

We then begin the implementation phase, in which both of our teams will work together to help you get live with Zoey so you can begin capturing a return on your investment.
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Ready to START?

Our customer success team would love to help you find the best order management solution or eCommerce flow to help you grow and expand your sales.

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Ready to START?

Ready to START?

Fill out the form to request a personalized demo of Zoey.