The Zoey Admin is Where You Run Your Business

Zoey’s Admin (part of Zoey Core) gives your Team access to the CRM tools, Order Management, Sales Quotes, Product Management, Reporting, Storefront Design, Sales and Discount features they need with a wide variety of Roles & Permissions.

What is Zoey Core ?

Zoey Core is the heart of our B2B Software and where all data flows in and out.
It houses our Web Admin with a modern, fast and powerful interface for your team.

4 Ways Zoey Admin Streamlines Operations:

  • Write Orders, Quotes and Drafts

  • Manage Customer Information

  • Update Products & Prices

  • Automate, Connect and Integrate

Sales CRM

Zoey’s CRM is the perfect solution for businesses that want to streamline their sales processes and improve customer experience.

Order Management

Empower your business to seamlessly manage B2B orders, invoicing, fulfillment, and payments with Zoey OMS. Break free from the constraints of traditional Ecommerce data models—Zoey allows you to handle it all effortlessly, right out of the box, just as you would expect.

Tools for Sales & Customer Support

Give your teams a tool they’ll love to use every day. The Zoey Web Admin is designed to make their jobs faster and more efficient.


Zoey has pre-built connections with leading ERP and Account softwares to automate your business workflows, including Sales Order management, Invoicing & Accounts Receivable, Inventory & Fulfillment, and more!


Simplify & Automate Your Business Today!

Book a demo with our customer success team to help you find the best Ecommerce solution for your unique business. See how Zoey can help grow and expand your sales.