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In 2019, Tom Devlin founded Egal Pads with a mission to ensure menstrual pads are as accessible as toilet paper, inspired by an article on period equity by Stephanie Ebbert. After inventing Padsonaroll and patenting the innovative concept, Tom enlisted Penelope Finnie’s expertise in brand-building and fundraising as their CEO. With the introduction of mandates for free period products in over 20 US states and multiple countries, Padsonaroll, the flagship product of Egal Pads, was launched in 2022. They are actively introducing their products to schools, including the Cambridge schools, Mother Caroline Academy and Education Center in Boston, and schools in Rhode Island. Egal Pads, Inc., also partners with organizations like Love Your Menses and the Benebikira Sisters to provide free period products and gather data to assess the impact of these initiatives.

What They Like About Zoey:

  1. They saved money and reduced the need to hire additional sales and administrative personnel.
  2. By utilizing Zoey’s design services, Egal Pads avoided the need for a separate company to create its website.
  3. Zoey’s exceptional customer service, training and prompt response to support tickets.
  4. Zoey’s ordering portal streamlined the commission tracking process.
  5. Zoey’s adaptability to the growth and changing needs of their business.

Choosing Zoey Over Other Ecommerce Platforms

Egal Pads required an Ecommerce platform that could meet their specific B2B needs, including handling diverse pricing terms, categories for distributors, and integrating with their California-based warehouse, Excelsior, through API integration. While familiar with platforms like Shopify from a previous D2C venture, Egal Pads realized that their B2B operations demanded a different approach. During their online search for an ideal Ecommerce platform, they came across Zoey. Impressed by positive online reviews and Zoey’s ability to handle B2B intricacies without excessive costs, Egal Pads requested a demo. After meeting Zoey’s team and seeing the efficiency of Zoey’s platform, the team concluded that Zoey was the right fit for their business.

Zoey’s Order Portal Simplifies Account Management

Zoey’s ordering portal emerged as a standout feature for Egal Pads. With just five employees and 90 external manufacturer representatives, it was easy for their distributors to direct customers to request new accounts. Zoey’s platform efficiently tracked which manufacturer representative worked with each account, simplifying commission tracking. Furthermore, Zoey’s flexibility in allowing distributors to customize their payment systems catered to diverse preferences, including check payments.

By utilizing Zoey’s design services, Egal Pads had a beautiful and professional website within a few weeks.

Cost Savings and Productivity Increase

Partnering with Zoey has proven to be a game-changer for Egal Pads. By utilizing Zoey’s design services, Egal Pads did not have to hire a separate company for website creation and had a beautiful and professional website within a few weeks. Zoey’s automation also reduced the number of sales and admin personnel that they needed to hire. With staff across different states and countries, Zoey’s platform facilitated smooth operations and made remote work easy and there was no need to rent office space.

“We love working with Zoey! First of all, just being able to pick up the phone and call somebody when we have a question has been amazing”

Exemplary Customer Service and Implementation Support

Egal Pads appreciates Zoey’s exceptional customer service, specifically the team’s patience and willingness to guide them while setting up the platform. “We love working with Zoey! First of all, just being able to pick up the phone and call somebody when we have a question has been amazing. I’ve worked with other ecommerce platforms before, and you just don’t get that,” says Penelope Finnie, CEO of Egal Pads . Despite being less tech-savvy, they were impressed with Zoey’s prompt response to their support tickets. Zoey’s adaptability to accommodate their transition to an additional shipping warehouse was also noteworthy.

Future Goals with Zoey

Egal Pads Inc., aspires to expand its market presence in schools, colleges, workplaces, and European markets. Zoey’s Ecommerce platform plays a pivotal role in supporting their expansion plans and driving its mission of equal treatment of bodily functions.


Through their partnership with Zoey’s Ecommerce Platform, Egal Pads has successfully navigated the challenges of operating a B2B business while advancing their goal of period equity. Zoey’s cost efficiency, exemplary customer service, advanced features like the ordering portal, and automation capabilities have enabled Egal Pads to streamline operations, save costs, boost productivity, and expand its reach. Through innovative solutions and unwavering support, Zoey continues to empower Egal Pads in their journey towards achieving equality in public restrooms.

If you want to learn more about Zoey’s Ecommerce platform and how it can help your B2B business succeed, we encourage you to request a demo. Discover the features and capabilities that have made Zoey the preferred choice for companies like Egal. Take the next step towards transforming your business by embracing the power of Zoey’s robust Ecommerce platform. Request a demo today and unlock new possibilities for your B2B operations.

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Egal Pads on a Roll

About Egal Pads

Padsonaroll, the flagship product of Somerville-based Egal Pads, is dedicated to providing a free option for period supplies, similar to a roll of toilet paper, within the privacy of a bathroom stall.

“We love working with Zoey! First of all, just being able to pick up the phone and call somebody when we have a question has been amazing. I’ve worked with other ecommerce platforms before, and you don’t get that.”

Penelope Finnie, CEO, Egal Pads, Inc.

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