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Founded in 1970, Burt Process Equipment is a leader in the worldwide community striving to create a better environment through the innovative and responsible use of water and natural resources.


Burt Process Chris Griffin


“Your software is reliable. I sleep better.”


Chris Griffin, Web Development Manager, Burt Process Equipment

Burt Process Equipment Saves Time, Money Moving to Zoey





The Challenge:

Burt Process Equipment was looking to replace their custom eCommerce solution, which required constant upkeep, with a more complete solution that offered room for growth.

The Success:

  • Faster input of new products and updates to existing ones
  • API bridge to their existing ERP to pass over information entered there
  • Stability in sales despite migrating to a platform that’s new to their customers
  • Room for growth in areas where they plan to make improvements

Leveraging Zoey to Streamline Web Operations


At the end of 2015, Chris Griffin joined Burt Process Equipment as their web development manager. He came into a custom-built solution, developed and managed by a team outside their company, that came with a lot of limitations and problems.

“The thing that was a constant thorn was basically how difficult it was to work with,” Griffin said. “The developers were overpromising and under producing schedule-wise. The system was not working at 100% and it was so hard to work with.”

Their company engaged in a multi-year process to find an off-the-shelf solution to replace the custom one. They developed a set of criteria internally of what was most important, and as they learned about new eCommerce systems, they would evaluate each system, compare and contrast to the others, and determine which could accomplish the most on their list without a huge effort.

What started as an evaluation of about a dozen eCommerce solutions led to evaluating a total of 30. In the end, they opted to select Zoey.

He said, “One of the things that impressed my employers was I loaded in 24,000 products in the first week that I had it. That’s something that with the old system took a much longer time. That was something that shocked my employers.”

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