Zoey ShipStation Integration Can Set Actual Shipping Charges on Invoice

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ShipStation has long been a workhorse integration for many of Zoey’s customers. With our latest update to the integration, real-time shipping charge information can now be leveraged to ensure exact costs are passed along to the customer who placed the order.

In the past, ShipStation would be disconnected from the shipping rate calculations performed in Zoey before an order was placed. This could sometimes mean the actual cost of shipping, as calculated by ShipStation, could ultimately differ, and Zoey had no way of dealing with those disconnects.

Now, Zoey has the ability to receive the actual shipping charges from ShipStation, which can then be applied to an Invoice. Once applied, Zoey can notify the customer of a charge to be resolved, or it can automatically charge the card on file. Both options are available to our sellers as a configuration option.

This change leverages some of the evolution we’ve made so far with our Order Management System (OMS) features, the first wave of which rolled out recently and will continue to be updated in the coming months.

This change ensures that our sellers can cover their shipping costs accurately, and for buyers they know the amount charged will reflect the exact amount that the seller is being charged as well – a win/win for all parties.

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