Zoey Stores Migrated to PHP Version 8.2

PHP 8.2 upgrade

One of the key technologies that underpins Zoey is the PHP language, a language that powers many of the biggest platforms on the Internet. Periodically, new versions come out that can deliver helpful benefits to both site owners and the companies that power those sites (that would be us).

We’re pleased to share that we have migrated all of our customers to the latest version of PHP, version 8.2. This isn’t a simple project – moving to a new major version requires a review of all of Zoey’s features, and the actual roll out to our customers takes a number of days.

Why do we go through all this trouble? There are a number of key benefits that you will enjoy as a Zoey customer.

Faster Site Speeds

As PHP matures and evolves as a solution for website developers, there have been significant performance improvements with the language that help with site speeds. This has been a big focus for many solutions that are web-focused, but as a foundational tool some of the strongest gains can be made with PHP itself.

As Zoey continues to evolve in complexity and maturity, having a modern version of PHP ensures that your site will perform well across the capabilities that we provide, both now and in the future.

Better Security

Like many languages and solutions, maturity and evolution means better security. By migrating to the latest version, we can take advantage of the latest security updates, all part of our efforts to keep Zoey stores safe and secure.

Generally speaking, PHP versions are maintained for only a few years before being fully discontinued of security updates, so companies like Zoey will generally keep up with the evolution of the language in a way that ensures that sites remain secure.

New Capabilities

New versions also means access to capabilities that simply weren’t available in previous versions. This means Zoey can hook into these new capabilities, leveraging for both new features and updating existing ones, all for improving Zoey’s overall feature set for you, our customers.

Please Report Issues

While we make every effort to review Zoey before rolling out a major update, there is always the chance that something can go awry. Please take advantage of Zoey Support to report any issues, and our team will make sure that your transition to the new version is as smooth as possible.

Thank you for being a Zoey customer!

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