OMS Functionality, Part 1: Zoey Updates for Early Fall 2023

Zoey recent updates

Following our release earlier this year of the Zoey Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature set, this latest set of release information highlights our first portion of our Order Management System (OMS) feature upgrades.

This first feature set focuses on Invoices and Payments, aligning Zoey with standard accounting nomenclature and functionality for terms (this has been a longstanding issue raised by some of our customers, and we’re happy to resolve this here).

Here’s a summary of major updates and additions for Zoey for Early Fall 2023:

Order Management System (OMS) Updates: Invoices and Payments

Our first major release around our OMS updates cover long-requested changes to Bills and Invoices in Zoey. To begin, existing functionality was renamed:

  • The functionality previously known in Zoey as Bills has been renamed Invoices.
  • The functionality previously known in Zoey as Invoices has been renamed Payments.

To complete the functionality, Invoices are now connected to their Payments and generate Payment Receipt emails and PDFs.

A number of new features were added to Zoey to flesh out these changes, including:

  • A new grid was added under Orders > Invoices which displays a grid of all the Invoices (formerly Bills) in your store. Tabs let you filter by Paid and Unpaid Invoices.
  • You can create an Invoice without sending an email to the Customer.
  • Clicking “Mark Paid” when viewing an Invoice marks the Invoice as paid and links its Payment record.
  • Viewing a Payment (formerly Invoice) with an associated Paid Invoice will display the Invoice number.
  • Invoice numbers have been added to the Payment Receipt PDF.
  • The Orders grid can display the total count of Invoices, including how many Paid and Unpaid Invoices.
  • New settings have been added to Net Terms specifically around Invoice creation: Auto-Create Invoice with Order Submit will generate an Invoice at the time of the order, and a second option to decide whether the Invoice will be emailed at the time of Order creation (if an Invoice is also created at the same time).
  • Shipment Import now supports the ability to add a custom shipping amount to an Invoice, and the ability to send the Invoice for all items in the shipment being imported.
  • The header of the Order, Invoice and Payment Receipt are now customizable under the PDF settings.
  • New options have been added to the Data Mapper Shipping Import: Create and/or send Invoice, auto-collect payment and send the Payment Receipt.
  • Additional additions and updates to the OMS feature set will be forthcoming.

Additional Updates

While our attention was focused primarily on the OMS updates, additional features did roll out during this period:

  • A Payment Surcharge column has been added to Order columns and filters.
  • Comments can now be included on Drafts PDFs.
  • You can now generate an invitation link for new contacts on your account to finish registration.
  • Customer and account address information can now be displayed on the order success page with new variables made available for that template.
  • The Drafts screen now has a visible Export action.
  • The Category Import function now works with Catalog Restriction settings.
  • A new Pick List grouping feature will group all of the same SKU onto a single line with a combined quantity displayed.
  • Front-end customer address import/export now incorporates shipping type as a data point.
  • A new Group Price export was added to the Products grid for easy exporting of Group Price data.

Zoey is Constantly Evolving

These are just the latest updates, but we’re constantly rolling out new capabilities and enhancements, ensuring our sellers have the most powerful system available. If you’re looking for the perfect B2B Ecommerce platform, look no further than Zoey! Let’s start a conversation to discuss how we can make your business thrive:

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