QuickBooks Online Lists Zoey Connector As Approved App

QuickBooks Online Zoey connector

For years now, Zoey has helped businesses manage Ecommerce accounting by offering a connector to the QuickBooks Online platform, built by our own team, to ensure a smooth and robust management of accounting data, including payments captured in both Zoey and QuickBooks Online being recognized by both platforms.

Now, we’re excited to share that QuickBooks has reviewed our app in detail and approved it for listing in their app store. The process, which is detailed and covers a variety of aspects of each app, ensures that companies like Zoey are meeting their quality standards, properly communicating with their platform, and have confirmed that we meet their requirements for being a part of their ecosystem.

When reviewing a platform, it’s important not just to ensure that the tools being offered are available, but that they’re being built with quality and interoperability in mind. Zoey has long offered a variety of tools to make data accessible, but QuickBooks Online has been a key focus for us, and now with our approved connector, you can rest assured that we will work well with QuickBooks Online to manage your business.

Best of all, customers who subscribe to a Zoey license today get access to the QuickBooks Online connector as part of their subscription. The connector quickly became one of Zoey’s most popular connectors at launch, and its usage has continued to grow, meaning you’re also using a tried and true connector that many businesses have already leveraged to success.

B2B Ecommerce That Works Well With QuickBooks Online

If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey to robust B2B Ecommerce, leveraging a platform that can integrate well with your existing QuickBooks Online subscription, Zoey’s your answer. Talk to our Customer Success team today to see how we can enable your business for growth and success:

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