Introducing the Zoey Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Zoey Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is specifically built to handle the unique structures and requirements of B2B sales. The CRM consolidates all your customer’s data into one easy-to-use dashboard that presents an instant overview of your most important sales metrics.

With features such as managing multiple buyers in one account, notifications for billing and shipping departments and seamless integrations with third-party systems, Zoey’s CRM removes the headache of B2B sales.

Zoey’s CRM empowers your team to: 

  1. Prospect Inbound Sales And Convert Them From Opportunities Into Accounts.
  2. Manage Outbound Sales Prospects As Leads For Account Conversion
  3. Track Opportunities, Leads, and Accounts with Custom Fields and Notes
  4. Manage Negotiated Pricing, Restrictions, Terms, Locations, and Shipping/Payment Methods.
  5. Access Self-Service Account Tools for Easy Shipping and Billing Management

Collect Inbound Sales Prospects Through Opportunities Converting Them Into Accounts

Requests collected through Zoey’s Storefront will be automatically populated into the Zoey CRM as Opportunities. Your Sales Reps will then be notified of this new Opportunity to contact the prospect to begin the sales cycle.

Manage Outbound Sales Prospects as Leads for Account Conversion

The CRM’s Sales Flow function allows your sales team to enter and manage leads and convert them into opportunities and accounts effortlessly. Sales Flow includes a predefined workflow with milestones and prompts that allow sales reps to qualify leads seamlessly, taking them through the closing and winning process. If you lose an opportunity or lead, don’t worry – you’ll be prompted to add a reason allowing you to learn from the experience and improve your sales process.

Track Opportunities, Leads, and Accounts with Custom Fields and Notes

The CRM allows admin users, sales reps, or customer support to easily add important notes to customer accounts. Notes can be easily edited, shared, or tagged with all changes tracked and recorded in the account’s activity log for full transparency.

Manage Negotiated Pricing, Restrictions, Terms, Locations, and Shipping/Payment Methods​

Granular control of specific Account settings such as locations give great flexibility into how an Account is structured. Restrict your Accounts to see specific Products, negotiated Pricing, and limit the shipping and payment methods they have access to. You can also link multiple Contacts together, making it easier to keep track of your Contact Associations throughout the sales journey.

Self-Service Account Tools for Easy Shipping and Billing Management

Zoey’s CRM gives you the power to create and assign roles for your contacts. Whether it be a Manager, Billing or Shipping Contact or your own Custom Role you can grant specific permissions and email communications to these users. Zoey’s CRM includes a “Self-Service” feature that lets your customers log in through the Zoey storefront to manage their accounts. This empowers your Customers and saves valuable time by giving them more control.

The CRM is also available on Zoey’s iOS App.​

In addition to taking orders without internet access, the App’s CRM features such as Leads and opportunity capture, easy access to account notes and contacts, and clear metrics for quick decision-making.

Contact us today to learn how Zoey can help you improve your customer service management. If you haven’t used our software before, we invite you to request a demo and experience the benefits of our e-commerce platform firsthand.

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