Access training videos for Zoey’s CRM!

The Zoey CRM was specifically built to handle the requirements of B2B sales by consolidating all your customer data into one easy-to-use dashboard. We have created a series of videos that explains how our CRM can help e-commerce businesses streamline their B2B process. 

The videos will cover the CRM’s account dashboard, storefront updates, and IOS features. By watching these videos, you’ll better understand how Zoey’s CRM can help you manage your customer data and interactions, allowing you to make better decisions and close more deals.

From managing multiple buyers in one account to notifications for billing and shipping departments and seamless integrations with third-party systems, the Zoey CRM takes the headache out of B2B sales. 

Get started by watching the Introduction to Zoey CRM below or you can visit our YouTube channel to watch the full playlist of videos. 


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