Major OMS Improvements, New App Permissions: Zoey App Updates for Feb/Mar 2023

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During this update cycle the Zoey App for iOS saw some major updates for the Order Management System (OMS) aspects of the app. These changes will make the Zoey App more friendly for your team and increase the amount of functionality that can be done directly on the app.

This release added a number of key features to the app for the first time, including:

  • A new design for the Orders List and screen, with:
    • The ability to cancel orders from the app
    • Navigation to Addresses from the Orders screen
    • Assigning/Changing Order Sales Rep from within the app
  • A number of additions for Shipments:
    • View Shipments
    • Add Comments
    • Add Tracking information
    • Create new Shipments, both full and partial
  • Invoices & Bills functionality:
    • View Invoices/Bills
    • Add Comments
    • Create a new Invoice/Bill, both full and partial

Of course, while the OMS aspects of the app were significant updates, there was even more brought to the app throughout February and March. Here are other updates you can enjoy immediately in the Zoey App for iOS.

New App Permissions

  • A new permissions option has been added to allow a salesperson to bypass the Net Term Credit Limit amount. However, it will still check if there is a past due balance before allowing the order to process, even if the Credit Limit bypass has been allowed under permissions.
  • A new option was added to the Settings screen, “In Transit Alert.” Turning off the switch will hide in-transit alerts locally on that device.
  • Another new option was added to the Cart screen Sort Menu, “Hide Margin Info.” When turned off, it will hide the cost margin info from the Cart screen until the setting is re-enabled.
  • A new setting to enable Order Comments and enable Draft Comments has been added under Web Settings -> Cart Settings.
  • Custom Shipping permission has been added to allow disabling of Custom Shipping options. This can be set under Team -> User List.

Other Zoey App Updates

  • The Orders List now shows Company Name and who created the order.
  • The Order Screen now also shows who created the order.
  • A warning will now display if an Account is missing either a Shipping Method or a Payment Method.
  • Deleting a Draft will now refresh the Drafts List to show the update.
  • Error message handling continues to be reviewed and revised to provide more complete and helpful information when something goes wrong.
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