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We’ve always prided ourselves in providing quality support, both through our documentation and our ticketed support. But we also are a firm believer in using technology to further improve the experience for our sellers. We’re pleased to share such an improvement when it comes to our support offerings.

With our latest update,  we’ve now integrated with ChatGPT to answer natural language queries in real time. The launch of this AI-powered search solution will have practical benefits both for Zoey store managers and the Zoey team members that support those store managers.

For our sellers, the AI will be constantly learning and improving, with the ability to answer questions more adeptly than a knowledgebase search can sometimes provide. For the Zoey team, we’ll be able to more quickly identify when there’s gaps in our knowledgebase that can be addressed with additional documentation or improved information.

As part of the release of this new capability, we’ve updated our Support section with a new homepage that provides one-click access to all of the tools we’ve made available over time, including our API documentation, our knowledgebase and our Zoey Updates release notes. Front and center on this new landing page is the AI-powered search.

For those who would prefer to access the documentation the way they have in the past, the first option just below the search will take you to the same support knowledgebase screen our sellers are used to seeing over the years. Our goal is to add, not subtract, from the tools available, and this is just the latest to become available.

We hope you’ll give our new AI-powered support answer solution a try, and let us know how it went for you. We’ll continue to make improvements to our support documentation based on our conversations with you, and now from our learnings from this new tool.


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