Simplify B2B eCommerce Payment Collection With Automated Billing

Zoey has always been on the forefront of the B2B eCommerce revolution, and we’re pleased to announce our latest time-saving offering with the introduction of automated billing.

With many B2B business relying on invoicing, net terms and purchase orders, the ability to simplify payment collection though Accounts Receivable Automation (AR Automation) is a key need for many B2B and wholesale eCommerce business. Zoey’s newest features will help accomplish this for our sellers.

How Automated Billing Works

Zoey sellers can configure rules that determine when a bill or a reminder should be sent, facilitating follow-up on payments that are due or overdue. This takes pressure off your accounts receivable team to have to follow up on every outstanding invoice.

Key capabilities include:

  • Rules Creation for Invoices: Schedule an invoice (Bill) to be sent with a “Pay Now” link triggered by specific events, such as the order being created or a shipment being issued.
  • Setup reminders: You can send reminders for outstanding invoices based on time intervals of your choosing (for example, five days before the due date, on the due date, one day past due, etc.).
  • Rules creation by payment type: Specify different rules for different payment options such as Net Terms, Wire Transfer and Check.
  • Compatible with Zoey’s Bill Pay: Zoey’s Billing system accepts payments via Credit Cards, Saved Credit Cards through both Stripe and, and ACH payments via Stripe.

Like other aspects of Zoey’s Billing feature set, payments captured through Zoey’s Bill Pay can also be carried through to other systems, such as QuickBooks Online and NetSuite, to ensure payments are accounted for across your business software.

Get Started With Automated Billing

If you’re an existing Zoey customer, these AR Automation features are already available within your Zoey store. Visit our support documentation to learn how to take advantage of this feature.

If you’re not yet a Zoey customer, Automated Billing is just one of many ways we transform B2B eCommerce businesses to become more efficient and build their sales volume without translating into additional work for the team. Let’s chat today about how we can help your business succeed with the right tools at your disposal:

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