Better Security and Site Speeds, Easier ACH: April/May 2022 Zoey Updates

Zoey recent updates

This spring, our team has been busy launching a series of important enhancements that will make running your business smoother than ever. We shared with you our launch of Drafts and the Zoey iOS App 3.0, both of which offered significant improvements to order workflows by adding a Drafts step and more tightly integrating the app into the ecosystem.

But of course our team has been hard at work on a variety of other improvements too. Here’s a summary of key additions and updates launched in April and May of 2022.

Launch on Cloudflare Network

We are thrilled to share that Zoey has officially joined the CloudFlare network! This seamless transition brings major value for our customers, including being able to leverage the world-class CloudFlare network to accelerate site performance and loading times, a more comprehensive Content Distribution Network (CDN) and greatly enhances Zoey’s resilience against malicious attackers, while providing an overall improvement in security.

CloudFlare also automatically is handling image compression, something that was previously managed by another provider, but is more seamless than before.

We switched over to CloudFlare on May 25, but a minority of our customers may need to take some simple, yet critical steps to ensure they’re up to date. These steps can be found in our support documents, and must be completed by August 1. (If you need to take these steps, a red bar will appear in the Zoey Admin confirming so.)

Major ACH Upgrade for Stripe

Zoey also continues to implement and improve payment solutions as part of our ongoing revolution of B2B Ecommerce. With ACH an increasingly important payment, our biggest recent update is the adoption of Stripe’s newest and most advanced ACH system, replacing the previous Stripe ACH option offered through Zoey.

The new version of ACH can do instant account verification through Stripe’s Financial Connections, as opposed to the previous micro-transaction model, which could take a day or two to complete. Now, your buyers can instantly verify their bank account with Stripe, and process a payment right away. This will reduce cart abandonment and ensure sales can be completed in real time, even for new ACH buyers.

ACH is linked to a single user on an Account, so registering it for one user won’t allow it to be shared across users. For more details on the new ACH implementation and how to set it up on your store, see our support documentation.

Quotes Updates

A number of updates have been incorporated into Quotes, including:

  • Quote names, if available, will now display on the Shopping Cart and in Checkout.
  • Quote address validation verifies that the Quote address applies to the customer on account.
  • Quotes now utilize a custom price captured at the time of the Quote being generated, so if the default price of a product changes, the Quote isn’t impacted.
  • The Quotes audit logs are now available on the Admin Orders view.
  • Convert Quote to Order is now prohibited if an Order already exists.
  • Quotes grid now click to open in a new window.

Other Updates

A variety of other updates have been deployed, including:

  • For Packaging, quantity must always be an integer. Zoey now validates for this to avoid issues with fractional quantities ordered.
  • In Bill Pay, Surcharges added to an Order are now displayed on Invoices or Bills by default. Totals now factor in the Surcharge as well.
  • Order webhooks now properly handle Split Order scenarios, so all orders from a Split Order are properly accounted for in webhook emails.
  • Grids now click to open in a new window. Convert to order on all the grids is now prohibited if an order already exists.
  • Pending Orders experience is now aligned more closely with our new Drafts functionality.
  • You can now set on each product a quantity at which it will be marked Out of Stock on the site. Previously this was a global setting only.
  • Wishlist is now added to the search results page.
  • Product attributes can now be added to the Abandoned Cart email. CC and BCC email settings have also been added to this template.
  • A maximum quantity setting has been added to Bundled Products to allow a maximum number of items within a bundle to be set.
  • Discount and Row Total columns can now be removed from PDFs.
  • Product import now recognizes a price value with thousands separator.
  • Support for NetSuite ID columns added to both the Customer and Account grids.
  • Search for Visual Design Editor layouts by page title or URL.
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