March 2022 Zoey Updates: Make Product Data Sourcing Easier for Your Distributors

Zoey recent updates

March proved to be a very busy month for the Zoey team, given our finalizing and preparing for launch both our major Drafts release and the 3.0 version of our Zoey App for iOS. But other helpful updates came out in March as well, including a new feature that will help Zoey sellers whose buyers are themselves distributors of their product. Let’s dive in!

Product Description, Image Access for Distributors and Resellers

Many of our Zoey stores are selling to businesses who themselves distribute or resell the products they’re buying. That means they’re going to need key basics about the product, such as a description and images, to be able to set them up in their own system.

Sellers can now enable a CSV link that appears in the New Order Email, which will allows those resellers/distributors to download the Product SKU, name, quantity ordered and an image URL to download the product image. These CSVs can be leveraged to easily import to a POS system, B2C Ecommerce system or other tools where sales will be managed by those distributors/resellers.

This will make the resellers/distributors’ jobs easier in taking your product and going to market.

Zoey Admin Updates

Additional updates were made to the Zoey Admin to assist our sellers and their daily workflows:

  • Longer page lists: The customer and order grids can now be configured to have a larger pagination option than before, giving Zoey Admin users more control over how they wish the grids to render.
  • Export updates: The visible grid export on the customer grid is now more faithfully exporting, and the account export now includes open quotes, open orders and total sales columns.
  • Expanded grid search: Account names are now incorporated into the grid search, added to other options such as Customer name.
  • Account Grid update: Allowed Shipping Methods and Allowed Payment Methods are now available as part of the at-a-glance Account Grid data.
  • Order Edit update: When invalid products are in an Order being edited, an error will be shown, and the invalid products will be removed.
  • Teams invite update: On the Teams grid, a mass invite action was added.
  • Admin Comments on PDFs: Admin comments can be displayed on PDFs, when a setting is enabled allowing such in the Zoey Admin.
  • Billing Address updates: Some Zoey customers did not have a complete billing address on file; a banner was added to the Zoey Admin to let customers know when that was the case, and asking them to update to resolve.

New Additions Constantly

Zoey’s regularly evolving, and being a SaaS solution our customers get to take advantage of the new capabilities immediately, as software updates are deployed to all our customers at the same time.

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