Zoey App for iOS 3.0 Further Empowers Salespeople for Success

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We’ve been seeing first hand how our customers have been able to transform their sales team with tools that can look up information and capture orders in real time, thanks to the Zoey App.

With iOS 3.0, we continue to transform the salesperson experience with more capabilities built directly into the Zoey App, making creating and managing Drafts, Quotes and Orders more seamless.

iOS 3.0 is designed to work seamlessly with our new Drafts capabilities for Zoey Web and Zoey Admin, but also incorporates additional features launching at the same time.

Stronger Quote and Order Support

Along with the ability to convert a Draft to a Quote or Order, you can now convert a Quote to an Order within the App, something previously supported only on the Zoey Admin and Web. You can also edit Quotes on the App for any modifications needed before converting to an order. Quotes and Orders can be deleted from the App as necessary.

Support for Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, and Multi-Packaging

One of the more rare features on Zoey that other platforms can’t match is our robust Multi-Currency and Multi-Language support. This support has now been extended to the Zoey App, allowing salespeople to access those same capabilities when looking up information or building Orders on behalf of their buyers.

In addition, we’ve extended support for Multi-Packaging, allowing orders in quantities specified by the various packaging scenarios your business may have (for example, case quantities).

Product Search by Attributes

Many of our sellers use Attributes to allow for multi-faceted search on the front-end for their buyers, but now with the Zoey App you can also search by Attribute within the Zoey App for products. This allows your salespeople to leverage the rich data you’ve already set up inside Zoey, to better support their work in the field.

Other Data Management Improvements

In addition to all of the above, Sales Reps can mark Default Addresses for Accounts to speed up order creation going forward. They can also (when given permission by the Account Owner) can edit the Sales Reps attached to Accounts.

Finally, we’ve made various updates to the Zoey App syncing capabilities to support these new features and work efficiently, and other tweaks to strengthen the overall reliability of the Zoey App.

Get Started with Zoey Today

The Zoey App for iOS 3.0 is now available and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. You can download it for free and test it out, even if you don’t have a Zoey account. Release notes are also available in our support documentation.

If you’re new to Zoey, let’s talk! A 20 minute conversation could be the first step to revolutionizing how you conduct business, and the sales you can generate:

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