Manage Your Team Directly in the Zoey App: Updates for Summer 2022

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Month by month, the Zoey App evolves to bring you more helpful features that make managing Orders, Quotes and now Drafts easier than before. But in updates performed in recent months, we’ve also got an eye to making managing your own team a bit easier as well.

That’s why one of the biggest new updates is our Team Management feature set. Within the Zoey App, you can invite (or re-invite as needed) team members to use the Zoey App, as long as your account has licenses available. If you’re set up to do so on your own account, you can manage the role each of the other users have while using the Zoey App.

The team user list can also be refreshed with the press of a button, and you have the ability to search for team members, as part of this new feature set.

Over time, we want the Zoey App to be an easy place to make some of the key changes our customers need to make on the go, whether that be for their customers or their own team. Keep an eye out for more updates like this to come!

And of course, that’s not all we’ve been working on. Here are other updates to the Zoey iOS App over the course of May, June and July of 2022:

Login & Sync Improvements

  • Face ID is now available as a login option.
  • When you set the app to keep you logged in, it will not require Face ID when in that mode, helpful for those using the app in ways where regular logins can be disruptive.
  • When set to not keep you logged in, if Face ID has previously been used, it will attempt that option first. Otherwise, it will ask for your password like normal.
  • A progress bar will fill as the app sync progresses. It will also move as initial products are processing, which can take a few minutes. It will also display the current sync step, instead of a generic “Syncing” message.
  • A reload button has been added to the product details screen to allow a re-sync of that subset of products for the latest information.
  • Attributes will now be synced when configured to do so in the Zoey Admin on that attribute. (“Show on Mobile” will need to be set to “Yes”). To be able to search by attributes, a re-sync will be required, and will happen automatically when connected to the Internet.

New Offline Features & Improvements

  • Enabling Carts History will display previously sync’d carts (incorporating Orders, Quotes and Drafts) that were successfully sent to the server, and view them when offline. Salespeople can view the cart before the sync, and restore data if needed afterwards.
  • When offline, login will now be faster than before. A logged in app user can open the app without an Internet connection using either their Zoey password or Face ID. This will work as long as the user has logged in within the past 90 days while connected to the Internet.

New Order Features

  • A new user permission has been enabled that allows a store admin to permit, or deny, a salesperson’s ability to order out of stock items. When allowed, the order will go through and when denied, the order will fail.
  • A new feature will highlight items that are causing an Order to fail when specific cart items are blocking a cart’s ability to convert to an Order.

Products Search Improvements

  • By default, search now will search the entire product catalog, not just a specific category. To search a specific subset of the catalog based on where you are, you can now enable the “Search Current Category” to limit the search. The switch is located in the Products screen preferences menu in the top right corner.
  • When starting a search, the Recent Searches list will automatically appear on the screen, helping those who do certain searches regularly.

Account Improvements

  • New screen designs have launched for creating an account and adding contacts to the account.
  • The ability has been added to change the Customer Group assignment.
  • You can retrieve from the Zoey Admin when customers/accounts are deleted and update the app data accordingly.
  • Customer Group Access Restrictions are now supported in the app.

UI Improvements

  • App notifications have a new and consistent look.
  • Success banners alignment and colors have been updated.
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