Enhanced Screens for Login, Registration, Password Reset: Updates for June/July 2022

Zoey recent updates

Summer’s in full swing, and while it can be a quieter time of year for some businesses, it is a period of opportunity for us at Zoey to roll out some new capabilities and update design.

New login screen inside browser

Login/Register/Password Reset Updates

While a lot of our evolution this year has been about reviewing and expanding key B2B features within Zoey, we haven’t forgotten about the user experience for your buyers. Some of the first exposure your customers will have to your wholesale website or order portal will be registration, login and password reset.

We’ve taken a fresh look at all of these components and have updated them to be more modern and user friendly. For instance, the new login screen allows your imagery to better shine through, providing a better first impression. We’ve implemented stronger password requirements to reduce issues with improper account access, and given the entire workflow a clean-up that looks and feels easier to use.

If you are a store that already required a username and password to access the store, you may need to upload a new image if you haven’t already that fits the new design. Otherwise the space will be filled with a solid color coming off your theme settings.

Address Autocomplete Added Across the Board

Address information is among the most time consuming part of the form fillout process when placing an order on Ecommerce sites. Zoey has offered the ability to save addresses on file, which can speed up some checkout scenarios, but address autocomplete is something that can heavily reduce the amount of input required, and increase address accuracy on orders.

Google Places autocomplete has been added to all address forms in the admin and storefront to facilitate address input. With this addition, you and your buyers can take advantage of an industry-standard way to accelerate and validate address input.

Other Updates to Zoey Web and Admin

We recently shared the launch our our Billing Automation capabilities as well, but that’s not all we’ve been up to lately. Here are some additional updates that have launched over June and July of 2022 to the Zoey Web and Admin (or check out iOS App updates):

Data Mapper Updates

  • Required fields can be set, with an error presenting when that field is empty during a data export.
  • Audit log updates make it easier to see when errors have happened, and when data transfers have occurred.
  • Orders can be exported via the Data Mapper from the orders grid.
  • Any Orders, Quotes and Quote Items not exported on a previous data matter attempt will be exported the next time it runs. If an export fails, it will automatically be retried. This ensures all data will ultimately get passed along.

QuickBooks Online Updates

  • Product inventory syncs from QuickBooks Online to Zoey when updates are made. When orders are placed in Zoey, the appropriate revisions then carry back into QuickBooks Online.
  • A QuickBooks tab has been added to the Accounts page to manually set a QuickBooks Online customer ID for accounts and locations.

Additional Enhancements

  • Minimum Quantity Groups can now be established. Similar to a Tier Price Group, a minimum quantity required can be shared across a group of products, so adding products from multiple items within the group can count towards the same minimum quantity requirement.
  • Zoey has updated to the Captcha v3 standard. It’s both more user friendly for your site visitors (no need to check the “I’m not a robot box”) and a stronger security standard.
  • User permissions have been updated to allow a staff account to place orders with out of stock items, when such permission is enabled.
  • Zoey’s updated Stripe ACH solution is more fully integrated with our Billing capabilities.
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