Zoey Launches New Billing System; Capture Payment for Deposits, Purchase Orders, Net Terms

new payments/billing system for Zoey Admin

Today, Zoey introduced a new system that will allow for a variety of billing scenarios, such as deposit capture and balance collection that previously wasn’t possible, and at the same time enhancing the Zoey Admin abilities to review and manage your orders. A new buyer-facing invoice payment screen also launches as part of this new setup.

Other areas of Zoey will be changing to accommodate these additions. A complete list of changes include:

  • New screen for Invoicing/Collecting Payment
  • New screen for Shipping Orders
  • New screen for Refunding Orders (Credit Memo)
  • New Billing ability to email a customer a link to pay for Net Terms/Purchase Orders via PayPal or Credit Card (currently supporting Stripe and Authorize.net).
  • New ability to Bill or Capture Deposit Payments on submitted orders and to bill customers for Balance Payments via Credit Card.

Let’s explore some of the new features being introduced with this release.

New Billing System

Zoey Admin Generate invoice to collect the balance remaining

You can now generate a Bill for any order to collect payment via Credit Card. This means you can collect payment for Net Terms or Purchase Orders by emailing your customers a Bill.

You can also ship items concurrently with sending the Bill for the remaining payment, or have the Shipment automatically created after the customer pays their bill speeding up the process and moving an order to completion.

Mobile-Friendly Buyer-Facing Bill Payment

Zoey Web Invoice Review/Payment Screen

For your buyers, they will be sent an email with a quick link to pay their invoice and complete payment via PayPal or Credit Card (currently supporting Stripe & Authorize.net) on their desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Zoey Billing also supports saved credit cards with Stripe, so your customer can 1-click pay their bills. You can track when a Bill was sent, viewed and paid in your Zoey Admin.

Collect Deposits

Zoey Admin collect deposit on order

With the new invoicing screen you can now collect a percentage deposit payment (i.e.50%-down) for your Zoey orders. Capture deposit payment for Credit Card orders, or use Zoey Billing to collect deposits on NetTerm/Purchase Orders. Deposits can be collected on some or all items. Once final payment is due, use Zoey Billing to collect the balance.

See the New Capabilities in Action

If you haven’t signed on to use Zoey for your day-to-day operations yet, now’s a great time to get a customized demo of what Zoey’s B2B commerce capabilities can do for your business. Just click the button below to request your demo:

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