Updates to Zoey iOS App Improves Performance, Adds Key Features

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Zoey mobile app for iOS cart screenSince our release of our first app (for iOS; Android version coming soon) we’ve been collecting feedback from our initial users and our customer base on how to evolve the app to be even more useful for everyday needs. This has led to a series of updates to the app throughout the summer, which has introduced changes both big and small.

Here’s some of the key features released throughout the summer and now available to our app users:

iPad Support

We’ve optimized the experience on iPad to make the most of the additional screen real estate, without adding complexity and while keeping in mind the considerations of working with Zoey on a larger device.

Account and Locations Support

One of our more complex but popular B2B features is the ability to set Locations and Accounts to organize larger organizations with multiple buyers. Our app now supports the ability to access those data elements and use them for placing orders within the app.

Net Terms

Our app now supports Zoey’s native Net Terms capability, allowing Zoey settings such as payment terms and credit limits to be supported for orders placed on the app. You can ensure orders match a buyer’s existing agreements for orders placed on the app, such as  term limits.

Performance Improvements

We’ve made a number of under the hood changes to ensure the app performs well, especially on larger databases, and have added additional abilities to restrict data sent to the app. We’ve also added paging on screens that can have larger data sets to speed up data loading.

And So Much More!

We’re continually improving our app to make it better for our sellers’ daily use. You can try out the app for yourself, with no commitment, even if you’re not a Zoey customer today. Simply visit the app store to download the app. You can click “Try it Now” to see it in action with a demo store.

To speak to our Customer Success team to learn how you can use Zoey and the app with your business, click the button below to request a personalized demo:

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