Merchant Maverick Gives Zoey High Marks for B2B Ecommerce

Merchant Maverick

For the past few years, Merchant Maverick has given Zoey consistently high marks for its Ecommerce solutions. With their latest full review, published earlier this summer, they maintain their recommendation of Zoey for B2B Ecommerce for mid- and large-size businesses.

Reviewer Liz Hull ranked Zoey’s feature set and design management aspects as “Excellent,” the site’s highest rating, thanks to our flexible Zoey Admin and Visual Design Editor, respectively. Hull cited the breadth of features, including Customer Groups and other personalization options, along with ease of purchase capabilities like Quick Order and Table View, as among Zoey’s strengths.

Even with a robust feature set, Zoey’s ease of use both for sellers and buyers makes it a strong contender, Hull said:

Since 2014, the team at Zoey has worked to provide a feature-rich selling solution that is also easy to use. The Zoey Admin is cleanly designed with features organized into categories and subcategories in the toolbar on the left side of the screen. While users will certainly experience a learning curve as they set up the many available features, daily processes should be easy to find and simple to use.

In the same way, Zoey’s order portal for customers (called Zoey Web) is easy to browse and use. Zoey provides your customers with tools to simplify the wholesale purchasing process. For example, customers can use the Quick Order tool to re-order items they have previously purchased, and they can use the table view to add multiple items to their cart at once.

You can read the entire review at Merchant Maverick’s website. And to learn more about how Zoey can enable your business for growth and success, simply contact us to schedule a time to chat with a member of our Customer Success team:

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