Invoice Editing Now Available

As promised, 2024 has been a period of major updating of some of Zoey’s core function sets. This includes a heavy focus on our Order Management System (OMS) functionality (check out our previous update here).

This month, we continued our updates with a focus on Invoice Editing. This wave of additions to the Invoice screen will make managing Invoices a simple part of your workflow, and offer more flexibility as you manage individual Invoices.

Capabilities launched as part of this release include:

  • Updating the Unit Cost of an Item. This will refresh the Row Total to reflect the updated pricing.
  • Updating the Quantity. Updating to 0 leaves the item on the invoice; removing is available via the menu under the three dots on that item.
  • Quantity supports Packaging rules, as well as the ability to “break” the Packaging rules when required.
  • Invoice Date is now editable.
  • Totals can be edited (Shipping, Discount, Surcharge and Tax are all included), 
  • The ability to Void an Unpaid Invoice. Paid invoices can be Refunded as before.

We’ve also added Order Payment information to provide additional help as you review a particular customer’s Invoice, as a helpful reminder of how that was set up.

Along with other OMS updates throughout 2024, Invoices have become a more powerful and useful tool within the Zoey platform for ensuring everything is exactly as you want it.

Additional invoice editing options, as well as linking capabilities to Payments and Shipments, are in the works and will further enhance Invoice management in the upcoming weeks and months ahead.

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