Additional Zoey Updates for Spring 2024

Zoey recent updates

Our team has been hard at work this year bringing a series of Order Management System upgrades and additions to Zoey. But while that has been our primary focus, other updates and additions have made their way online as well.

Here is a summary of other key additions and updates for Spring 2024.

Admin Address Selection UI Updates

When selecting a Location or Address in the Zoey Admin, we’ve upgraded the UI to make it easier to review and select the proper address. All Address and Location management options, including adding and editing Addresses, along with searching for the proper Address, are available in the new UI.

PDF Document Updates

Many of our sellers continue to leverage Zoey’s PDF documents internally and with customers, and our latest updates further improve their helpfulness.

  • Customer Statement PDFs have been updated to allow for a clearer breakdown of Payments and their due dates.
  • Pick List support for bundled items has been improved.
  • Invoice and Statement PDFs now incorporate a Pay Now button.

Visual Design Editor Improvements

We continue to evolve our Visual Design Editor to support various elements our stores require.

  • WEBP image formats are now supported for banner uploads. Zoey continues to automatically optimize images uploaded, regardless of format, to ensure sites remain fast and responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • The HTML block in the Visual Design Editor can now be set to full width mode.

Zoey Storefront Updates

Some additional Zoey Storefront updates continue to enhance the performance for your buyers.

  • Inventory changes will now reflect more quickly on the Zoey Storefront.
  • We’ve optimized performance when working with a large address count for a smoother buying experience.
  • The default 0 value in quantity will auto-clear from the Zoey Storefront, making it easier to directly type in a value without having to delete the 0 value first.

Coupon Code Expansion

A couple of updates to Zoey’s functionality expands the accessibility of Coupon Codes into other areas of the back-end of Zoey’s functionality.

  • An update to Zoey’s iOS Mobile App incorporates support for Coupon Codes and Applied Discounts.
  • Coupon Code support has been incorporated into Quotes.

Other Zoey Updates

  • An update to our CRM functionality makes it possible to PIN notes on an account for easier visibility.
  • You can now define email addresses on products that can be notified when that specific Product is ordered.
  • Our recent Recurring Orders launch has been expanded to also allow for Recurring Quotes in a similar fashion.
  • An update to the Data Mapper adds support for Invoice Exports.
  • An Order can be automatically placed into Pending Approval when a Required Order Attribute is toggled on during an Order being placed.
  • Our ShipStation integration now supports our recent OMS enhancement of canceling Items on an Order.

Zoey is Constantly Evolving

These are just the latest updates, but we’re constantly rolling out new capabilities and enhancements, ensuring our sellers have the most powerful system available. If you’re looking for the perfect B2B Ecommerce platform, look no further than Zoey! Let’s start a conversation to discuss how we can make your business thrive:

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