OMS Feature Launch: Recurring Orders

Here at Zoey we’re excited to announce a new feature: Automated Recurring Orders

In the world of B2B and wholesale, sellers are always looking for ways to work smarter and keep clients happy. Recurring Orders are a simple yet powerful tool that helps sellers do just that.

Setting up recurring orders for your customers saves time and effort by taking care of orders automatically. This means sellers can spend more time building relationships and focusing on growing their business. A recurring customer base is also a much more efficient way of generating sales than having to constantly find new business.

With Recurring Orders, you can set up a Draft, or use an existing Order, and schedule new Orders to be generated automatically. Since Recurring Orders lives within the Drafts section of our OMS, you have the ability to make edits, change shipping details, update items, revise payment details and more.

Settings for Recurring Orders

With a Recurring Order, once you have a Draft or Order you wish to use as your blueprint for a Recurring Order, a new button within the Admin will allow you to set key information for the Recurring Order generation, including:

  • Frequency (such as daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Start and End Dates (for limited reordering scheduling)
  • Payment Methods available to the Customer to pay

Once a Recurring Order is set, you can Disable a Recurring Order, as well as update or change its start and end dates, frequency, shipping address, items/quantities and offered Payment Methods as circumstances change.

Recurring Orders, like any other Orders, will work with Zoey’s complete feature set, and is available now as part of your existing subscription.

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