OMS Functionality, Part 4: Order Item Cancellation, Due On Receipt and More

Zoey’s work continues on our Order Management System (OMS) upgrades. We shared previous updates in three earlier posts, and have further progress to share today.

Cancel Order Items

Our latest OMS update is a major improvement for businesses that can’t reliably fulfill every item ordered by their customers. Now, unshipped item quantities that are not included in an open or paid invoice can be cancelled directly on the Order.

This feature allows you to click “Cancel Items” on the Items Ordered list in the sales Order, and will present you with the quantities of items that can be cancelled. You can post a “Reason for Cancellation” and even break packaging if necessary to cancel the items you are not able to ship. 

Cancelling items that won’t ship will allow you to mark your orders as complete without leaving anything open. 

Due On Receipt

For Invoices that are not on Terms or Pre-Pay, Zoey now has “Due On Receipt”.

Invoices Due On Receipt will be tracked as Current Due for the first 24hrs then switch to Past Due. This helps with tracking Accounts Receivables and reporting/account aging. Due On Receipt is also a column that can be added to your Invoices list in the Web Admin, as well as a column that will show on the Invoice CSV exports and reports.

Edit Invoice Created Date

Need to adjust the created date on an invoice? This is now possible in Zoey! 

Important to note thought that this may not update the invoice created date in connected external systems. 

Saved Credit Cards: Edit Billing Address

If a customer changes the Billing Address on a saved credit card it could throw fraud warnings during processing. Zoey now allows for the editing of the billing address assigned to the credit card from the CRM Account Dashboard, and from the Storefront Account Manager screen.

Zoey is Constantly Evolving

These are just the latest updates, but we’re constantly rolling out new capabilities and enhancements, ensuring our sellers have the most powerful system available. If you’re looking for the perfect B2B Ecommerce platform, look no further than Zoey! Let’s start a conversation to discuss how we can make your business thrive:

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