OMS Functionality, Part 2: Zoey Updates for Early Winter 2024

In a previous Zoey update, we shared the first of ongoing Order Management System (OMS) feature upgrades as part of our latest overhaul of core functionality for B2B businesses. This work has continued to progress as we begin 2024, and much of that work has revolved around the continued evolution and enhancement of the Invoice.

One important change for our sellers to know: Net Terms Due Dates have moved from the Order to each Invoice. Invoice Terms and Due Date are also editable during or after the invoice has been created. This change requires sellers to ensure their invoices are being created at the appropriate time either manually, or using the Zoey Invoice Automation Settings.

We’re excited to share with you the latest set of updates, released in Early Winter of 2024.

Invoice Updates

Zoey invoice updates

Invoices have received a lot of attention recently as part of our continued progress in enhancing OMS capabilities. These updates include:

  • A new option on the Account lets you set the Invoice Payment Methods. These can also be set per invoice. With this, you can ultimately decide how each account can pay their invoices, whether by Credit Card, ACH, or restricted to Check/Cash or Wire Transfer.
  • Due dates for Net Terms (previously set on the Order) are now set for each Invoice. Due dates are set based on the date the Invoice is created. NOTE: We highly recommend using Zoey Invoice Automation to trigger creating Invoices at the correct time – either immediately when the order is placed, or after each shipment is created.
  • Terms, Due Date and Allowed Invoice Payment Methods can be edited on existing invoices. With these editing capabilities, you can now account for corrections, or exceptions in billing requirements per invoice.
  • An “Order Statement PDF” has been added to allow you to print a Statement of Invoices for a specific Order. This will help you and your customers more easily manage Orders with multiple invoices.
  • Organize and Report on your Invoice data more easily with new columns that have been added to the Orders > Invoice List page:
    • Customer Purchase Order Number
    • Invoiced Subtotal
    • Invoiced Shipping Cost
    • Invoiced Discount
    • Invoiced Pay Early Discount
  • Payment Surcharge can now be automatically applied to an Invoice’s total due amount.
  • Canceling an Order will automatically void all open Invoices for that order.
  • There is now the ability to retroactively create an Invoice for an unlinked Payment.
  • The Invoice CSV Export has been updated to reflect all Invoice data.
  • API endpoint to update Invoice (Bill) was added
    • POST URL: /api/rest/sales2/orders/bill/update
    • POST BODY:
      “bill_id”: “2080”,
      “data”: {
      “due_date”: “2024-02-24”,
      “netterm”: {
      “term”: “net20”

Account Dashboard Invoice Reporting Updates

  • The Account Dashboard now shows new Sales Metrics to help understand the Invoicing/Billing status of your account:
    1. Unbilled Orders shows a total and count of all Orders that have no Invoices.
    2. Current Due shows a total and count of all Invoices that are due or coming due.
    3. Past Due shows a total and count of all Invoices that are past due.
    4. Amount Due shows a total and count of all Invoices that are unpaid.

Integration Updates

Updates to Zoey-developed integrations to both NetSuite and QuickBooks have also been adjusted as a part of these updates.

QuickBooks Online
  • When an Invoice is created for a Bill, the Net Terms can be set from the Bill on the QBO Invoice.
  • If a Bill has a custom due date, the QBO Invoice can be set to match.
  • When NetSuite Invoice creates a Zoey Bill, the Net Terms and Due Date are set.
Additional OMS Updates
  • An Accounts Receivable or AR Aging Report has been added to provide Account balance details
  • Order Comments can now be edited.
  • A new Totals view on the Admin Order View shows both Invoice and Payment totals.
  • Import up to 50 orders at a time using our new Import Orders process.
  • The Downloadable Products Import Template has been revised.
  • “My Downloads” in the customer dashboard has been updated with support for multi-user accounts.
  • Zoey’s QuickBooks Online Integration now displays associated records and any errors directly in the Order View page making it easier to find the information you need.
  • New User Permissions have been added to cover additional access options:
    • Can Invoice
    • Can Collect Payment
    • Can Ship Orders

Zoey is Constantly Evolving

These are just the latest updates, but we’re constantly rolling out new capabilities and enhancements, ensuring our sellers have the most powerful system available. If you’re looking for the perfect B2B Ecommerce platform, look no further than Zoey! Let’s start a conversation to discuss how we can make your business thrive:

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