New Import Orders Capability Eases Uploading New or Archived Orders

Multi-vendor B2B commerce

Orders for many B2B businesses can come from a variety of sources. And data can live in disconnected places. The scenarios that result from this data chaos is unsavory for businesses hoping to learn from what’s happening with Orders from their business.

To assist, Zoey has rolled out a new tool to make uploading Orders easier. Whether you’re looking to import historical data, or bring in new orders in bulk to Zoey, our Import Orders option is a compelling way to bring data into Zoey easily.

To begin, you’ll want to make sure that the key elements that are needed exist:

  • Accounts and Contacts
  • Products

Once these are in place, you can import up to 50 orders at a time. A template has been created to facilitate setting up your data, with both a Google Sheets and CSV version available for access. The guide linked here will also help you remember certain key information that needs to be present, such as Billing and Shipping Information.

You can access the new functionality through the Import & Export menu, and then clicking on Create Orders.

As this is an initial release, the focus was on core product types used by the majority of our sellers. As such, certain product types are not supported just yet, but as we continue to evolve the tool additional support will be implemented. Also, please be aware that only Offline Payment and Shipping Methods are initially supported, and no emails are automatically sent to customers as a result of imported Orders.

Continual Improvement, Just For You

Our Import Orders tool is the latest in a long line of data import/export solutions Zoey has undertaken over the years to make it easier to move data in and out of Zoey, whether due to system migrations or to ensure all your critical business systems can communicate.

If you’re not a Zoey customer yet and wish to learn more, we’d love to speak with you! Let’s begin our conversation today:

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