OMS Functionality, Part 3: Address Management Updates, Invoice Exports

Zoey’s work continues on our Order Management System (OMS) upgrades. We shared previous updates in two earlier posts, and have further progress to share today.

Our latest OMS update is a small, but impactful, change to how Account Locations and Ship To Addresses can be selected and managed when writing an Order, Draft or Quote.

To start, you’ll notice the Address section has been moved above the Products for a more optimized flow to the order writing experience. Addresses have also been expanded so you can view the full Address.

You can now easily switch between Locations/Ship Tos directly from the Ship To section of your screen. You also have the ability to edit and save changes to Addresses on your Accounts without having to go to another screen.

Added Invoice Export Options

Separately, we have improved the ability to report on your invoices with two new Invoice Export options:

  • Export Invoice Full Data: This option exports one Invoice per row and has been enhanced with related columns to tie all of your Invoice details to your sales Orders, Sales Reps and more. Invoice totals are also updated in this export after the Invoice is paid to reflect any adjustments made such as early pay discounts, credit card surcharges or late fees.
  • Export Invoice Item Data: This export will give you one row per Invoice item. It contains most of the information from the full data export, but adds on individual item SKUs, names, quantities and row totals.

Visible Grid Export Update

We’ve also released an update that focuses on the Export Visible Grid functionality. This option will now export all records with the visible columns and filters applied as configured in the Admin. In the past the export was limited to what was visually displayed, but now will cover all records incorporated into the active filters.

Zoey is Constantly Evolving

These are just the latest updates, but we’re constantly rolling out new capabilities and enhancements, ensuring our sellers have the most powerful system available. If you’re looking for the perfect B2B Ecommerce platform, look no further than Zoey! Let’s start a conversation to discuss how we can make your business thrive:

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