Welcome to the New & Improved Zoey!

We’ve been around almost 10 years now, and periodically like many businesses it’s time to update our look. While we iterate the Zoey Admin regularly with new updates, our website had been a bit overdue for a refresh.

Today, the wait is over! Welcome to the new Zoey.com.

A number of critical improvements have been made to make it easier to find the information you’re looking for, including:

  • Upgraded navigation to help make it easier to learn about the features of Zoey and how they can help your business
  • Upgraded visuals that better showcase Zoey’s capabilities right on the site
  • Less clicks to get to the information you need, including features, industry-specific information and all of our key integrations
  • More of our customers and their testimonials showcased throughout the site

For our existing customers, the ability to access support and login remain a single click away throughout the site, just as you’re used to finding. And while some areas have been redesigned, many of our key pages are in exactly the same spots, so you’re able to still pick right up where you left off.

And now, Zoey’s site is more uniform both for prospective and existing customers, as we leveraged our same design principles we’ve established for the Zoey Admin and Zoey Mobile App.

This is the latest step in our journey to revolutionize B2B Ecommerce – we hope you find our new website as big of a step forward as we do, and we are excited to continue to build the world’s premiere solutions for B2B and D2C Ecommerce alike!

If you’re new to Zoey, and want to learn more about us, don’t just explore our beautiful new site – reach out to us! We are ready to help show you how Zoey can drive your business to new heights:

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