Stripe Payments



Zoey’s Stripe Integration is designed to empower B2B businesStripe verified partnerses to process payments online whether “Pre-Pay” at the time the order is placed, or Terms where invoices are paid later.

Key Features:

  • Saved Cards On Account: Customers & admin Zoey users can save credit cards on the customer account when placing orders, paying invoices or directly from the Account dashboard in both the Storefront and Web Admin. Cards saved to the account can be used by any contact/user of the account with the appropriate permissions configured. Saved cards can be used by Sales Reps or Customer Support for collecting payment on invoices, or for placing new pre-pay orders in the Web Admin or Mobile App.
  • ACH: Zoey uses the Stripe ACH v2 to allow Instant Verification with Bank Account Login for your customers. Like with credit card processing, ACH can be used as a pre-pay method, or for paying Invoices. Linked bank accounts are also saved on the account for use by any of the Account’s contacts.
  • PCI, PSD2 & SCA Compliance: Zoey works directly with the Stripe API to ensure all security compliance is maintained. All stored transactional information is transmitted through and kept by Stripe. Stripe also offers additional options such as SCA to enable users to require advanced authentication in compliance with increasing internet security standards.
  • Authorize/Void & Re-Authorize and Capture: Because B2B Billing is not static, Zoey has worked with Stripe to ensure the process to Authorize & Hold, Void & Re-Auth, and Capturing final invoiced amounts is as automated as possible. Never worry again about having to capture more or less than the original authorized amount.
  • Apple Pay, Google/Chrome Pay: Provide your customers with alternative methods of payment with Stripe allowing Zoey businesses to take payments via Apple, Google & Chrome.


There is a lot that the Zoey + Stripe integration does. Below are some of the commonly asked questions we get on our sales demos:

How does Terms & Automated Billing work with Zoey + Stripe?

Zoey’s Automated Billing system allows for customers to place orders against the Terms configured for their Account. This could be Net 10,30,60 etc… or a more custom Net Term such as a 2/10 Net 30 that processes a 2% early pay discount and a 5% late fee on past-due invoices. Customer Invoices can be automatically generated by Zoey based on a series of rules and customer preferences. Zoey also handles reminders and late notifications. Customers can login to their account to view and pay invoices, or click the direct link in each email they receive to pay online. Using Stripe’s ACH and Saved Credit Card features, customers will have a 1-click experience to pay their invoices quickly and securely. Admin users, reps and customer support can also process invoice payment with Zoey + Stripe directly from the Zoey Web Admin by using saved credit cards or taking new card number over the phone.

Can I do D2C and B2B Sales with Zoey + Stripe?

Available payment options for Order and Invoice payment can be segmented based on the customer group (type) or individually per-customer. This allows Zoey Businesses to require credit card payment when the order is placed for B2C customers, and Terms Invoicing for logged in B2B customers.

Does Zoey take additional transaction fees?

Zoey does not charge additional transaction fees. All Zoey Businesses will need to connect their own Stripe Accounts to Zoey using the Stripe API keys. All transactions processed on the Zoey Web Admin or Storefront website go directly through Stripe.

How does Zoey handle capturing Payments greater than the authorization amount?

In B2B Sales it is typically the case that the amount invoiced is different from estimated amounts on the Sales Order due to adjustments in item quantities, additional shipping amounts, added discounts, surcharges or late-fees. Zoey’s got this handled with the help of Stripe. Zoey’s Automated Billing system has the ability to capture payments against an existing authorization if the amount is less than or equal to the authorized amount. If the amount to capture is greater than the authorization, Zoey will automatically void the authorization and attempt a re-auth and capture for the final amount. The same is true for expired authorizations.

Can Zoey + Stripe apply a Surcharge for Credit Card payments?

Yes! Surcharge percent or amounts can be applied to the invoice automatically. Zoey even allows you to specify different surcharge amounts for different customer groups.



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