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The Zoey Storefront is Where Your Customers Go

Zoey’s Ecommerce Storefront customer portal is designed to bring your customers online and expand your self-service business. Everything is out-of-the-box, no apps or custom development required and use our Drag & Drop, no-code theme editor to further customize the buyer experience for your business needs.

What is Zoey Storefront ?

Zoey Storefront is more than just an online store. With adjustable site options, group collaboration tools, and an easy-to-use design editor, Zoey makes online sales simple. Tailor your customer experiences from personalized ordering to robust account management, all within one unified platform.

Make Zoey Storefront Your All-in-One Solution for E-Commerce Success

  • Public or Private Site (and anything in between)

  • Multi-User Accounts w/Permissions

  • No-Code Drag & Drop Theme Editor

  • Customer Specific Ordering Experiences

  • Customer Account Management Tools

  • B2B & D2C Sales in one Storefront

Public or Private Site
(and anything in between)

Set up a public-facing website that can provide a visible presence to existing and potential customers – OR – You can set up your Zoey store to require a username and password to access the storefront.

No-Code, No Developers Needed

Our drag & drop theme editor revolutionizes B2B Ecommerce by offering an intuitive, no-code solution for deploying a tailored online storefront. This powerful tool empowers B2B businesses to create a visually compelling and responsive online presence without the traditional complexities associated with website development.

Give Your Customers Visibility and Control of Their Accounts

The Storefront’s Customer Account Dashboard gives your customers access to their data. They can view and manage their Orders, pay their Invoices, and track Shipments. They have access to their Order Drafts, Sales Quotes, Catalog/Order Guide and recently ordered items. Customers can also invite/manage additional contacts, business locations, billing information and Saved Credit Cards/Bank Accounts and more…

Everything Out Of The Box

With Zoey, everything you need for your customers comes out of the box, ready to use. No 3rd party apps or custom development needed. All Zoey features were designed with you in mind.

  • Private Site/Login Only

  • Customer specific pricing

  • Catalog/Product Access Restrictions

  • Volume Discounts

  • Min/Max and Quantity Increments/Packaging

  • Quick Order Forms

  • B2B Optimized Checkout

  • Bundles/Kits, Configurable Products

Apps & Integrations

Zoey comes with several pre-installed Apps for your storefront, and others can easily be incorporated into the Zoey Storefront using HTML/Javascript.


Simplify & Automate Your Business Today!

Book a demo with our customer success team to help you find the best Ecommerce solution for your unique business. See how Zoey can help grow and expand your sales.