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B2B & D2C Ecommerce


Everything you need for B2B Ecommerce

Built from the ground-up and optimized for B2B, Zoey’s Ecommerce Storefront customer portal is designed to bring your customers online and expand your self-service business. Everything is out-of-the-box, no apps or custom development required and use our Drag & Drop, no-code theme editor to further customize the buyer experience for your business needs.

Public or Private Site (and anything in between)

Zoey’s B2B Ecommerce feature set enables you to set up a public-facing website that can provide a visible presence to existing and potential customers – OR – You can set up your Zoey store to require a username and password to access the storefront. This is great for sellers who are looking for something closer to an Order Portal experience, or those who want to pre-register customers to ensure they see the right pricing.

Leveraging Zoey’s Ecommerce capabilities, you can have a public-facing website that provides an SEO benefit while still allowing for a private wholesale shopping experience.

Hide prices or disable the cart for login guests to have a browsable catalog while protecting proprietary information like pricing. Allow buyers to sign in and see orders in progress and other information pertaining to their account.


Account Approval w/CRM

Build custom forms for your Zoey Storefront that allow D2C customers direct access to Order or save their details for later, while requiring B2B customers to submit a request for approval as a new customer account. Requests collected through Zoey’s Storefront are automatically populated into the Zoey CRM as Opportunities. You or your Sales Reps will then be notified of this new Opportunity to begin the sales cycle that will be tracked using the CRM’s Sales Flow feature. Once Opportunities are approved, your customer will receive automated email notification that they can now login and Order.


Multi-User Accounts w/Permissions

B2B Customer Accounts are more than just an email address and password, which is why Zoey’s Storefront and CRM run on Accounts and Contacts. That means your Customer Accounts can have multiple users with different roles and permission levels such as requiring approval to submit orders, or that they can only view and pay invoices.


Customer Specific Ordering Experiences

Some of your customers may require a more traditional Ecommerce shopping experience, while others may simply need a quick-and-easy order form they can copy/paste SKUs into. You can also offer customized order forms, or quick order tables that make the ordering process painless. With Zoey’s B2B Ecommerce features, you can customize which experiences are shown for which customers to provide the best and fastest way for your customers to start placing their orders online.


Auto-Split Orders

Zoey offers a number of split order options to make fulfillment easier. Merchants can select an attribute that is attached to each of their items, and split orders up when the attribute values differ. 

For example, if you receive items from three vendors, you can set up an attribute with each product tagged with the vendor that supplies it. When a customer buys products that are fulfilled by multiple vendors, the order gets split based on that attribute information. An order for each vendor is generated, which can then be passed along based on how you interact with them.

Zoey also supports the ability to split orders by each individual item, or separating items that can ship today from items that are backordered.

There are a variety of reasons to split up orders; this gives merchants control over setting the rules about when and how orders are split.


Customizable Quick Order Forms

For businesses that buy the same products regularly, and/or know the SKUs they wish to order, quick order forms accelerate the purchase process by allowing the entry of SKU/quantity combinations via a form or a CSV copy and paste.

To make things even easier, Zoey merchants can pre-build multiple Quick Order forms, which include pre-entered SKU and quantity pairings for standard order types, which then can be customized by a buyer.

Quick Order forms work with Zoey’s Visual Design editor to allow display on various content pages, and can be access restricted to only be visible to certain customer groups.


Build Multiple Orders with Drafts

Zoey offers the ability to create Drafts, which is the option to save an incomplete Order or Quote for completion later. Drafts created by customers on The Zoey Web, and your team in the Zoey Admin, can be seen across the Zoey Web, App and Admin.

Drafts can be converted to either a Quote or an Order. Drafts can also be saved to be used as a template for recurring Orders that are similar in scope, saving time vs. starting an Order from scratch. Drafts can also be named for easier identification of what each Draft is set up to be.


Promotions & Discounts

Establish discount programs that can be based on subtotals, products placed in the cart, or a variety of other types of rules. Trigger discounts to appear automatically, or require a coupon code, based on what is required for your promotion. You can even establish promotions to only be active for certain Customer Groups, to be able to control promotions by customer type.


B2B Friendly Ordering

Zoey offers a number of B2B Ecommerce features that help with the adoption of your self-serve/online ordering website:

  • Mobile Optimized Ordering – Zoey’s Storefront is responsive and optimized to provide a fast and enjoyable mobile experience for your customers on the go.

  • Order Guides/My Products – Allows your customers or reps to build a list of products each customer will be ordering frequently, that way they don’t need to search the entire catalog each time they order.

  • Quick Order Forms & Table View – Let your customers add multiple products to their order with one click. Customers can filter product categories, enter quantities for multiple products and add to cart in one click.

  • Re-Order – For customers that simply need to repeat previous orders, their full order history is accessible with an easy to use “Re-Order” button for each past order.

  • Recently Ordered Items – Customers can browse a list of previously ordered products and make decisions which products to buy based on the last order date off each.



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