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Catalog Access Restrictions


Tailored Commerce Control

Empower Your Business with Customized Product Visibility, Pricing, and Access Control.

Custom Catalogs

Zoey supports Customer Specific Products, and product access restrictions for different customer groups.

  • For each account, you can specify their Products, which will then be hidden to all other customers.
  • You can assign each product to be available to certain customer groups, allowing you to effectively decide what each group can order. If you maintain multiple product lines, or have lines exclusive to certain buyers, this gives you the ability to select who sees them.

Within a given product you can also control things like minimum/maximum quantities and quantity increments.


Customer Specific Pricing

Set different pricing scenarios for various Customer Group segments. This can include Tier Pricing breaks, sale pricing and other pricing scenarios that may differ depending on the group your customer belongs.


Login to View Site

Create a private and personalized space for your customers, ensuring that only registered users have access to your full range of products and offerings. This secure feature ensures your customers can easily login, but your sensitive product data and pricing is kept private.


Hide Cart & Pricing for Guests

Show off some or all of your product catalog without disclosing pricing information or allowing guests to place orders. Zoey’s access restriction features allow you to specify which products are hidden completely, which products can show prices or not, and which products can be added to the cart when viewed by your storefront visitors.


Shipping & Payment Method Restrictions

Define which shipping options you wish to provide for each customer group. This can include standard carriers such as FedEx and UPS, or via third-party app ShipperHQ additional options critical to B2B options, including LTL and Freight.

You may extend different types of payment options to different customer groups. This can include credit cards, ACH, Check/Money Order, and Net Terms, among other opportunities. Zoey also includes access to a variety of third-party financing app options to extend buy now, pay later terms without taking on the risk yourself.



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