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Drag & Drop Design


Effortless B2B Ecommerce: No-Code, No Developers Needed

Revolutionize your B2B online storefront at lightning speed. Our user-friendly drag & drop theme editor requires no coding or developers, empowering you to quickly and easily build a customized and optimized B2B Ecommerce storefront.

No-Code Theme Editor

Our drag & drop theme editor revolutionizes B2B Ecommerce by offering an intuitive, no-code solution for deploying a tailored online storefront.

Built with the unique needs of B2B businesses in mind, this editor requires no technical expertise or developers, allowing users to effortlessly design and optimize their Ecommerce presence. With a user-friendly interface, it provides a seamless experience, enabling rapid customization of themes and layouts. This powerful tool empowers B2B businesses to create a visually compelling and responsive online presence without the traditional complexities associated with website development.

Pre-Built Blocks, Easy to Design

Quickly design your website and present information the way you need to for your customers using our pre-build blocks which include banners with text and images, video banners, slideshows, image galleries, text boxes, buttons, product lists, category lists and more…


HTML/Building Blocks for Custom Design

Have an iframe to embed or an HTML snippet to add? or just want to custom-code a specific element on your page? Zoey’s Design Editor gives you access to “Building Blocks” that support HTML, Grouping elements for creating custom layouts, and other structural pieces such as tabs and accordions.

Asset Manager for CSS/JS, Snippets & Fonts

While every individual piece of your theme is customizable, if there is anything more you want to change, the Asset Manager is the answer. It provides you with the ability to add custom CSS, javascript or HTML to all templates and pages globally, or to specific pages. You can also upload and manage your global Logo, Favicon and custom web fonts.

Versioning, Drafts & Publish

Zoey Themes, Pages and Templates can all be versioned, duplicated, unpublished and published giving you an easy way to work on website changes or improvements, and push it live only when you’re ready.

Tablet / Mobile Responsive Support

All Pages and Templates are responsive for Tablet and Mobile screen sized, but within the Drag & Drop editor, you can switch to Tablet or Mobile view and make any adjustments needed to optimize the layout. This includes the ability to hide elements on Mobile or to configure Tablet/Mobile specific design and content settings.



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