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Automated Billing

Reduce Time Spent Collecting B2B Payments

Zoey’s Invoicing and automated online accounts receivable offers all the features you need to save time collecting on invoices. Built for B2B, our CRM and Order Management platform knows your customer’s Terms and Invoicing preferences, and automates the task of generating invoices, sending email reminders, providing a safe and secure way for your customers to pay online via Credit Card or ACH*, and can even offer early payment discounts or charge late fees and credit card surcharges.

*Credit Card processing is handled via Stripe or Authorize.net. ACH is processed via Stripe.

Automate Creating & Sending Invoices

Zoey supports a variety of Invoice Automation to save you time and reduce human error in Accounts Receivable. Invoices can be created and sent as soon as the Order is placed, or for each shipment created. Invoices can also be automatically updated with final shipping cost, payment surcharges, early pay discounts and late fees so your customers will pay the correct amount every time.


Track Invoices against Customer Terms

Whether you offer a simple Net 30/60/90 or a more complicated terms structure like a 2/10 Net 20 with a 5% late payment fee, Zoey has you covered. All Invoices created on customer terms will be tracked and easily reported on so you can sit back and let the automation do it’s job to collect payment, or oversee your accounts receivable in detail.


Pay Online with Saved Credit Card or ACH

Further reduce your business costs by optimizing Accounts Receivable in two ways, first, offer your customers a 1-click option for paying invoices with Saved Credit Cards or Saved Bank Accounts and ACH Payment*. Second, utilizing ACH with Zoey Invoicing can reduce your payment processing fees. For more information about costs to process ACH see Stripe ACH.


Send Invoice Reminders & Past Due Notices

Zoey’s AR Automation allows you to set routine billing tasks to autopilot. Increase speed and efficiency by automatically sending your customers invoices on-time, but also program sending multiple reminders and past-due email notifications. Zoey customers on average see a much higher rate of adoption for their online billing and a reduction in time spent chasing down customers for payments.


Integrate with your Accounting Software

Let your Accounting team stay in QuickBooks! Zoey has partnered with key accounting softwares such as QuickBooks Online to further build automation and efficiency into the Accounts Receivable process. With 2-way communication, whether Invoices are paid online, in-person or direct bank transfer, all your systems, employees and customers will be kept in-sync and informed.


Workflows for D2C & B2B Orders

There is no one-size-fits-all for billing. Whether D2C credit card sales, cash & carry, B2B pre-pay, Terms or Statement billing is required, Zoey has the options to automate and optimize your business. Automatically Invoice and capture Payments immediately for all D2C/PrePay orders, and run a variety of rules for Invoicing and collection of Terms or other B2B payments.


Billing Rules Per Customer

Have unique billing options for your customers? That’s why everything Zoey offers can be configured at a per-customer basis. Whether that’s unique Terms, sending Invoices to specific Accounts Payable staff, custom messaging on Invoices, special discounts or fees – Zoey is up to the challenge and we’re sure can make running your business hassle free.


Billing Rules Per Payment Method

Zoey allows you to configure a number of “Online” (Credit Card/ACH) and “Offline” or Custom payment methods to meet your business and customers’ needs. Along with that, you can configure custom Invoicing logic for each payment method ranging from due-on-receipt invoicing, to special terms, instructions or fees.


Collect Payment Offline

Online Accounts Receivable can also help your customers that choose to pay in-person, mailing a check or bank transfer. Our customer specific invoice payment options allow you to provide instructions and a payment reminder workflow to help ensure those customers are paying efficiently and on time.



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