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Order Management


Order Management Built for B2B

Empower your business to seamlessly manage B2B orders, invoicing, fulfillment, and payments with Zoey OMS. Break free from the constraints of traditional Ecommerce data models—Zoey allows you to handle it all effortlessly, right out of the box, just as you would expect.

Multi-Document Order Management System

The Zoey OMS meets the requirements of standard accounting practices and matches most ERP software document types. This means Sales Orders are separate from Invoices which are also separate from Shipments and Payments. This gives you the flexibility to manage your Orders, Invoices, Shipments and Payments in a way that makes sense for B2B, rather than try to fit your business into a B2C Ecommerce data model.



Invoice what you need, not what’s allowed. That means you can invoice with item substitutions, quantity or price adjustments, revised shipping costs, early pay discounts, late fees, payment surcharges, adjusted tax, deposit/balance etc… The invoice can be auto-paid with a customer’s saved credit card/bank account, or emailed to request online or offline payment. Net Terms can apply to Invoices and automatically have early pay discounts or late fees applied at the time payment is accepted. Learn more about Zoey’s Invoice Information in our Automated Billing feature.



Shipping documents in Zoey are used to track the fulfillment of ordered items. Zoey supports partial shipments, multiple tracking numbers, integrations from 3rd party software such as ShipStation for importing shipping/tracking information. Shipments can email the customer with PDF packing slip attachments.


Payments & Credit Memos

Payments can be taken at the time the Order is submitted, or later on an Invoice. This preference can be set per customer as you can define which customers are Pre-Pay and which pay on Terms, Invoice or Statement. Payments can be taken online through the Storefront, or directly from the Web Admin. Administrators/Customer Support and Sales Reps can have access to customer saved credit cards to process new orders, invoice payments or returns (Credit Memos). Credit Memos can also be created to apply a credit to an Account.


Email Notifications & PDFs

You can configure emails to alert internal and external team members when an order is placed or updated, send buyers updates (including notes above/beyond shipping and processing alerts), and more through our email screen.

With our recently upgraded email section, you have even more control than ever on the email experience, both design and content.


Custom Order Status Workflows

Have a custom production or approval workflow for all or some of your Sales Orders? Zoey’s Custom Order Statuses allow you to build the business processes into your OMS and ensure your customers get the communication and transparency they need.


Pick Lists

To make it easier for your warehouse, or warehouse partner, to more easily fulfill orders, Zoey has pick list options that make it easier to generate pick lists based on each order, or generate a master pick list across a set of orders to simplify fulfilling a block of orders at once.

Single pick lists can be generated for a given order, and can be used to ensure all items from an order is in a box.

Multiple pick lists can be combined together based on SKU, order number or shipping type, ensuring a variety of ways to receive the data based on what is required by your team.



Take deposits for production or pre-orders? Zoey allows partial invoices and partial payments to collect a deposit, then the balance can be captured or invoiced at a later time.



Send your customers a Statement of their Invoices for a specific amount of time. With Zoey you have full visibility into Accounts Receivable data and can generate reports or statements to send out with a way to easily capture invoice payments.



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