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Sales / Support Tools


Tools for your Sales & Support Teams

Zoey’s Sales Tools, whether the Web Admin or Mobile App, were designed to bring all the power of a large scale system to the fingertips of your team in an enjoyable and easy to use interface.

You can assign salespeople to customers or customer groups and orders placed by those customers are automatically attributed to that salesperson. Salespeople can also be assigned to individual orders. Restrictions can be set to limit who can assign salespeople to orders to avoid any mistakes or changes that aren’t authorized.

Salespeople can have accounts to the back-end of a Zoey account that has data limited to only showing what’s relevant – certain customers, orders, etc. that are specific to their customer accounts. This can reduce the clutter while making it easier for salespeople to work.


Automated Order Attribution

Assigned Sales Reps can be automatically attributed to the Orders placed for their accounts regardless of who placed the order. This is helpful for Sales Teams, Customer Support departments and for self-serve customer orders and ensure you have less work to do when calculating monthly sales and commissions for your Reps.


Fast Order Writing

Take the manual/error-prone work out of Order Writing with Zoey’s toolkit that lets your team create orders by:

  • Searching via SKU, UPC or any value on your products

  • Building pre-configured Quick Order Forms that can be selected and edited/applied to an order

  • Uploading a CSV file with product SKU and Quantity

  • Bulk copy/pasting SKUs and Qtys into a text field

  • Selecting items from the customer’s “My Catalog” (also called an Order Guide)

  • Reviewing the customer’s recently ordered items and selecting items based on when they were last ordered

  • Quickly re-ordering previous orders

  • And more!


Drafts & Sales Quotes

Collaborate with your customers to make the sale using Drafts and Quotes. Drafts can be created/saved by Sales/Support and sent to the customer to review and submit. Customers can view/manage multiple drafts on the Storefront. Drafts created by the customer (shopping carts) can also instantly be viewed by their Sales Rep in the Web Admin or Mobile App.

Sales Quotes allow further collaboration with the customer and sales rep before the sale. Customers can submit Quote Requests, or Sales Quotes can be sent from the Rep. Pricing can be hidden/shown or customized and saved for when the Quote is ultimately approved and converted to an Order.


Order Tracking & Invoicing

Oversee your customer orders and view realtime Shipping and Invoice Payment information from the Zoey Web Admin or Mobile App.


Easy Reporting for Commission Tracking

All Order/Invoice/Payment data that each user has access to is easily exportable to run whatever reports are needed. Zoey’s pre-built reports can also be used to view key business metrics.



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