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The Most B2B Product Features Available

Zoey Products were built to service many industries, whether you sell standard inventory items, configurable/matrix items, kits or bundles, there is likely a solution for your unique need.

Custom Product Data / Attributes

Custom Product Attributes allow you to store your data – your way. You can also configure and customize how this data can be used – as Filters, for Sorting, or for display on Product lists, tables, quick order forms, the Cart/Order, Email, PDF, or even to be used in reporting on your CSV exports.


Configurable/Matrix Products

Parent/Child product relationships allow you to sell your products in a way that makes it easier for your customer to order.


Groups & Bundles

Group and Bundle product types allow you to configure Kits and Bundles to either group products together for a quick buying experience or to apply rules or offer discounts for purchasing items together. Zoey gives you access to dozens of settings to build the type of kit that you need.


Multi-Location Inventory

Managing multiple warehouse inventory locations? or do specific customers have access to their own inventory locations? This feature for Zoey allows you to setup those locations, and either pre-select for the customer based on their preferences, or allow the customer to choose which inventory location they would like to take from when building their order.



Backordered items can either be split into their own order using Zoey’s Split Order Automation, or they can remain on one Sales Order and ship out when back in stock. Track your backorders/backordered items and see inventory information to inform which items can ship and when.


Quantity Increments & Packaging

When you sell items that have to be purchased more than one at a time, you can set the increment level at which they have to order. If you sell by the case, for instance, and 12 are in a case, you have the option of setting the quantity increment of 12.

Zoey also allows you to set “Packaging” increments so your customers don’t have to type or select unit quantities when ordering. Instead they can specify a “Case” or “Pallet” and Zoey will handle the calculation on the back-end.


MOQs & Minimum Amounts

You can also establish minimum and maximum quantities allowed for a given item, to avoid one customer over purchasing or setting a floor in which you’re willing to fulfill.

Customer group settings let you further control what each customer group encounters. You may require wholesale purchases by the case, but consumer-facing pricing to be higher, but allowed to buy one at a time. This is possible with Zoey’s Customer Groups segmentation.


Product Attachments

The Zoey File Manager allows you to organize your images and non-image file assets for your Ecommerce store. You can sort files into various folders to make it easier to find the items you’re looking for.

Product Attachments allows merchants to place non-image assets onto various product pages, such as marketing one-pagers and product specification sheets. Files can include PDFs as well as Word and Excel documents, among others.


Zoey supports 3 types of product relationships:

  • Related Products – Often called Accessories, these are items you typically want your customer to order when they’re ordering the product they are looking at.

  • Upsell Products – Sometimes labeled “Products you might also be interested in”, Upsells are displayed on the Product Page and can help customers find replacement or additional products they may want to order.

  • Cross-sell Products – These related products display on the Sales Order/Shopping Cart for the customer to quickly add to their order. This helps to increase the average size of the order.



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