CRM Account Dashboard & Sales Tab

The CRM has a streamlined Account Dashboard that gives users at-a-glance visibility into key sales metrics. Its interface allows users to easily manage their Accounts and send emails and invoices to their Contacts. The CRM Sales tab provides insights into recent drafts, quotes, Orders on the Account, and recently ordered items. It also includes a complete Activity log that allows users to track the date, the time, and the user who makes updates on the Account.

Track Opportunities & Leads Seamlessly

Requests collected through Zoey’s Storefront are automatically populated into the Zoey CRM as Opportunities. Your Sales Reps will then be notified of this new Opportunity to contact the prospect and begin the sales cycle that will be tracked using the CRM’s Sales Flow feature.

Streamlined Sales Flow

The CRM’s Sales Flow feature provides a clearly defined process for managing Opportunities and Leads created from webform submissions or by your sales representatives in the field. Each Opportunity or Lead follows a pre-defined workflow, beginning with a sales rep assignment, working and qualification, and progressing to closing and winning. After the lead is marked as “won,” you can send invitation emails to the contacts associated with the Account, inviting them to set up their passwords and log in to the customer portal.

If an opportunity or lead is deemed unqualified or lost at any point, you’ll be prompted to provide a reason, which will be added as an internal note.

Add Notes To Customer Accounts

The CRM allows admin users, sales reps, or customer support to add important notes to customer accounts easily. You can also tag specific Locations or Contacts on the Account for better organization. Notes can be easily edited, shared, or tagged with all changes tracked and recorded in the Account’s activity log for full transparency.

Mobile App CRM

In addition to taking orders without internet access, the App’s CRM features include the following:

  • Leads and Opportunity capture.
  • Easy access to account notes and contacts.
  • Clear metrics for quick decision-making.