Faire B2B Marketplace: Import Orders


Faire is an online B2B marketplace that lets you connect with brands and retailers to sell or buy wholesale.

Collect and organize all of your Faire Orders in one central location and explore the data using Zoey’s CRM and OMS.

Why Faire + Zoey?

Are you currently selling on Faire? Adding Zoey can help automate your Wholesale business and let you service larger retailers that are not shopping on Faire.

  • Automatically import Faire Orders
    Faire Sales Orders can be imported automatically utilizing the Zoey Data Mapper system and a connected DropBox or FTP folder. Simply place your Order files from faire in the folder and Zoey will do the rest!
  • Route your Faire Orders through Zoey
    Your Orders from Faire, once imported into Zoey can be routed through your business workflows and connected softwares for Accounting, Shipping, and/or ERP. Let Zoey be the hub
  • Centralize all your B2B sales
    Bringing your Faire Orders into Zoey to sit alongside the Orders from your Zoey B2B Storefront, Trade show/Sales-floor Mobile App Sales, telephone/email orders from your customer support team, allows you to have a full picture of your B2B business in one place.
  • Expand your B2B business using Zoey’s Features
    Service larger wholesale/retail customers that are not buying on Faire with the Zoey Storefront that’s designed for B2B. Give your Inside or Outside Sales Team a mobile App CRM & Order Portal that carries all the information they need to sell, and communicates back in realtime.

Zoey + Faire vs. Shopify + Faire

Shopify + Faire is designed for small brands that sell B2C and want to expand into a wholesale marketplace. But if you are a wholesale/B2B business that also uses Faire as a sales channel, Shopify is not the right platform for your B2B needs.

Zoey is a platform designed for B2B businesses to centralize, automate and accelerate growth. Some of the key reasons for choosing Zoey over Shopify are:

  • Say Goodbye to Third-Party Apps
    Most B2B businesses are required to bolt on Shopify apps to get closer to their actual requirements. Zoey has all the core functionality a B2B business needs built right in.
  • Mobile App & Tools designed for Sales Reps and Customer Service
    Whether you have inside or outside Sales Reps, or a customer service team taking orders via email, fax or over the phone, Zoey has the tools your team needs to do B2B sales from the office, showroom floor, trade shows, in-person and on-the-go.
  • Sales CRM
    Manage your business customers in a way that makes sense. Assign Accounts to your reps, manage multiple contacts, retail or warehouse locations and utilize CRM insights to increase sales.
  • B2B Billing Automation
    Do you offer Pre-Pay and NetTerm options? Manage and automate the sending of invoices and payment collection process with Zoey’s Automated Billing to provide your customers with a modern and simple tool for paying invoices online.
  • One Place For Support
    Shopify encourages merchants to work with third parties for help beyond basic support. Zoey’s award-winning support can help with virtually anything around your Zoey store. And our robust documentation covers hundreds of common scenarios.




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