Google Shopping Feed


  • Optimize your product listings in Google’s Merchant Center
  • Tap into the millions of customers who use Google to browse products each day
  • Sophisticated support for Google’s Apparel and Accessories category

Want to sell more through Google Shopping? The Google Shopping Feed app gives you the power to optimally position your products in Google’s Merchant Center. The application empowers you to supply Google with highly relevant data about your products in the most efficient way possible. This allows you to rank well in Google’s Merchant Center, transforming Google into a major driver of revenue.

Google Shopping Feed is included for many Zoey plans, including for all customers since January of 2019; customers who purchased Zoey before 2019 should contact support to confirm availability and pricing for their specific plan.

Top Features

  • Meet all requirements for free Google Shopping listings
  • Meet all requirements for paid Product Listing Ads
  • International support for Google Shopping
  • Support for large catalogs using batch segmentation
  • Support for multiple stores
  • List all product types that Google supports
  • Support for shipping, AdWords and dozens of other features
  • Control which products are submitted to Google
  • Auto skip products that don’t meet Google feed data requirements
  • Supports configurable and grouped products
  • Set an expiration date for the feed
  • Sophisticated support for the Apparel and Accessories Google category

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