PayPal Express Checkout


  • Lighting fast setup process with no setup fees
  • Increase conversions by giving shoppers a trusted way to pay
  • Give customers a faster checkout experience with PayPal OneTouch


Are you looking for a fast, easy way to add PayPal to your Zoey store? Then we recommend checking out PayPal Express Checkout. Set up is quick and simple; plus, there’s no application process and no set-up fees.

Adding PayPal as a payment gateway is a great business decision. Over 179 million shoppers prefer to pay with PayPal, so adding it to your site connects you with with a huge audience of potential customers. PayPal Express Checkout also uses PayPal’s OneTouch technology, which turns a standard checkout into a one-click experience. The ease of checkout created by OneTouch improves checkout speed, increasing conversions and sales on your site.

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