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Zoey & QuickBooks Online

Take orders via web and app with Zoey B2B Commerce, and manage accounting with our QuickBooks Online integration

Data Flows To/From QuickBooks Online

Zoey B2B Commerce makes it easy to take orders from buyers via the web, and for salespeople to create orders on behalf of your buyers, all within a solution that can smoothly communicate with QuickBooks Online as your accounting software. 

Zoey helps you get up and running quickly, by not only making it easy to set up your various business rules, including customer segmentation around pricing, catalog and more, but also easily link to your QuickBooks Online account to move data seamlessly back and forth between the two systems.

Accounts & Customers

Zoey to QuickBooks Online data flow

Product Data (after initial link)

Zoey to QuickBooks Online data flow

Product Inventory


Zoey to QuickBooks Online data flow


Shipment Tracking Info


Zoey to QuickBooks Online data flow

Key Capabilities of Zoey & QuickBooks Online Integration

Review our Data Flows Chart for additional information.

  • Data flows from Zoey to QuickBooks for easier data management

  • Avoid errors with automated order / shipment info from Zoey to QuickBooks Online

  • Net Terms information between systems are linked for Buy Now, Pay Later support

  • Customers and Accounts maintained in QuickBooks Online from Zoey data

  • Take orders offline with the Zoey App and sync once back online

QuickBooks Online Integration

Zoey Will Help You Get Integrated with QuickBooks Online

As part of Zoey’s unique onboarding support process, we will work directly with you to get your QuickBooks Online account integrated with Zoey to ensure your business operations will be supported from day one. 

We don’t require you to acquire third-party integration software or an outside team to link your Zoey account to QuickBooks Online or maintain things as your business evolves; we’ll take care of that as part of your subscription.


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