We take a Wholesale Approach to B2B eCommerce

Zoey combines powerful B2B functionality with modern B2C capabilities for a best-in-class solution for you and your customers.

Zoey is Trusted by Leading Brands

Liberty Tax
Athletic Brewing Co.
Arlington Power
Marina Vape
Leon & Son

Powerful B2B and wholesale functionality

Request a Quote

Customers and salespeople can request a quote based on their order size, and merchants can tailor product pricing, shipping and more for that specific order.

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Customer Groups

Assign each of your customers to a group, with the ability to set shipping, payments and other key settings for each group type based on what they should see.

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Access Restrictions

Limit access to products, categories or even your entire website to only certain subsets of customers. Show each customer exactly what you’d like them to see.

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Built for All Your eCommerce Business Roles

Customer Service

Set up a focused dashboard for your customer service team, with the ability to restrict with customers and orders they see if they’re assigned certain customers or segments.

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Maintain site promotions and marketing assets with powerful, easy-to-use tools. Enjoy the ability to generate informative reporting quickly to see what is working out the best.

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Send customers quotes for approval, build orders without paperwork, and track sales easily within one dashboard that’s focused on the salesperson’s assigned customers.

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Professional Medical Fulfillment

Sales have increased 45 percent since we made the switch to Zoey. Most of the increase has come from business customers because we are able to offer features that we were not able to give them in the past. The most valuable has been the Advanced Quick Order Form. This feature makes large orders easy and fast. We can even create custom shopping lists, which our customers really love.”

Joan Van Veen
VP of Marketing, Professional Medical Fulfillment

Brooklyn Bedding

“We are in the midst of rapid growth and needed a ready-made solution for our wholesale program customers that would give them the ability to easily place and track orders. Our customers can see orders and can get shipping info without contacting support. The feedback we have received from our customers using Zoey has been very positive and has also lowered the amount of customer service calls dramatically.

Ben Rieck
Chief Financial Officer, Brooklyn Bedding

Zoey Works with Other Industry-Leading Solutions

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Advanced Quick Order

Make Bulk Ordering a Breeze for Buyers

Simplify ordering by making it easy for customers to enter SKU and quantities they want, avoiding multiple product pages and heading right to check-out. Advanced capabilities include:

  • Restrict access to certain customer groups
  • Multiple-forms with pre-populated entries
  • Visual Design Editor integration

Encourage quote requests to drive sales

Selling to B2B and wholesale buyers means being able to customize pricing, shipping options and more based on the customer and the size of the order. Customers, salespeople, and even your staff can Request a Quote based on your customer’s needs, creating a draft order. It can then be updated by someone on your team to provide a final quote, which a customer can then immediately buy or edit for a requote.

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