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Zoey helps B2B and wholesale businesses take orders online anytime, anywhere, with any device.

Never miss a sale again...


Look up product details and customer-specific pricing. Create quotes and orders anywhere, even offline.


Offer your customers a
self-service eCommerce experience optimized to make bulk orders simple.

...and manage with ease


Create and manage products, orders, for both the Zoey App and Zoey Web. Establish business rules, customer groups and more.
Ben Rieck Brooklyn Bedding

“We needed a ready-made solution for our wholesale program customers that would give them the ability to easily place and track orders. The feedback we have received from our customers using Zoey has been very positive and has also lowered the amount of customer service calls dramatically.”

Ben Rieck, Chief Financial Officer, Brooklyn Bedding

ZOEY is great for...


Provide your franchisees an easy online portal to order the products and supplies needed to keep their stores stocked.


Manage large orders at volume with unique pricing and catalog lists, segmented by buyer type.


Make it easy for your dealers to place orders and re-orders, or get quotes for new items, while also selling B2C.

The ZOEY difference


Designed especially to move B2B and wholesale businesses online.


All of the required B2B sales functionalities are built right in.


Take orders and look up information wherever you are, even without Internet.


From identifying your challenges to onboarding your store, count on us.

Easily connect with popular business platforms

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From our academy

Spring 2021 Updates to Zoey’s iOS and Android Mobile Sales Apps

Although Zoey has only recently released its Android mobile app, to go along with the existing iOS app, there have been additional updates already released since the launch that is available now. Here are some of the app updates we’ve released throughout the spring of 2021. Remember that you can …

CIM Support Added for Authorize.Net

As part of Zoey’s ongoing progress in expanding and improving our payment options, we’re pleased to announce Customer Information Manager (CIM) support for our Authorize.Net payment type. Authorize.Net’s CIM allows merchants to offer saved card payment options for their buyers, speeding up future purchases, as well as allowing salespeople to …

Zoey Updates for Spring 2021

New Zoey updates come out all the time, one of the biggest benefits of a SaaS platform! Whether new features, bug fixes or improvements to existing capabilities, we’re releasing hundreds of updates every  year. We shared with you recently the launch of our Android version of the Zoey app, but …

Android Version of Zoey Mobile App Now Available

Since Zoey’s release of an iOS app last year, we’ve been getting regular queries about the status of the Android app. We’re pleased to announce that the Android version is now available on the Google Play store. The Android version contains all the same core features as the iPhone/iPad version, …

Zoey Commerce 2021 Demo: Self-Service Front-End

As B2B Commerce evolves for wholesalers, brands and distributors, self-service B2B commerce has become an increasingly prominent trend. B2B buyers by day are often B2C buyers at night for their homes and families, and that means they’re increasingly comfortable placing and managing their orders on their own. This means an …

Zoey’s Customers Plan to Renew, Rate Us Highly, Survey Shows

When it comes to your B2B Commerce solution, customers’ experiences speak loudly for what you can expect as a customer yourself. Recent surveys conducted with Zoey’s customers by SoftwareReviews shows that small market customers (1-500 exmployees) give Zoey a Net Promoter Score of +76 and 100% of them planned to …

Zoey 2021 Demo Part 1: An Introduction

Zoey evolves constantly and quickly, and so we thought it was a good time to bring a new set of Zoey demos to the forefront, showcasing what Zoey looks like in 2021. Our first demo video is an introduction to the key components that make Zoey possible. Along with understanding …

Zoey-built NetSuite Connector Now Available

NetSuite is one of the most popular cloud-based business software platforms on the market. Its robust feature set includes accounting, ERP and CRM capabilities. However, a single solution can rarely do everything that a business needs it to do well, and we speak to NetSuite customers all the time who …

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Ready to START?

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