NOW AVAILABLE: Admin Order Grid and Management Updates

Over the past year or two, Zoey has been periodically rolling out updates to its administration area to make information searching and navigation easier than ever. We’ve previously launched updates to products, and more recently our customer grid.

With our recent release of the updated Order Grids, which perhaps impacts everyone selling online the most, we wanted to share the upcoming changes so you know what to expect.

Overhauled Order Grids


The first thing you’ll notice is the tabbed interface introduced previously on our Product and Customer grids is now introduced in the Order Grid. We categorize orders by states for easier jumping to the info you need:

  • Open: Orders that have not been fulfilled
  • Pending: Orders that need your attention (have not been paid for, on-hold or marked as fraud)
  • All: All un-archived orders
  • Closed: Orders that have been fulfilled, closed or canceled
  • Archived: Orders marked as “Archived”

Functionality introduced on other grids also make their appearance here, including:

  • Advanced Search (Filters) by different Order values including Created Date, Grand Total, Customer Group, Payment/Shipping Method and over 25 more
  • Add/remove columns with over 20 new column options
  • Drag & drop sort columns to customize the order grid to your liking

And there are brand-new features and enhancements specific to the Order Grid:

  • Bulk Action updates improves the interface and adds two new actions: Change Status, and Archive/Unarchive.


  • Quick Search orders by Order #, Email, Billing/Shipping Name
  • Change the status of orders from the grid page
  • Ablility to “Archive” orders and get them out of the main screens when they’re no longer needed
  • Individual row actions – New Gear icon on each row to View, Print, Edit Status, Archive or Delete individual orders


These changes affect all the grids around Order, including Credit Memo, Invoice and Shipping. This will provide a uniformity across all the Zoey grid screens for the first time, and enhance the functionality for those merchant teams responsible for updating and managing orders.

Important Notes About the Changes
  • Certain columns will disappear but can be re-enabled in our new Columns Manager. This includes ShipperHQ columns, Payment Method, Shipping Method and Customer Group columns.
  • Orders will be distributed into the new Tabs – Closed/Complete orders will only be visible in the “All” or “Complete” tabs
  • Quick Search will search Order ID, Email, Ship To and Bill To Names
  • Additional Order Filtering can be done using the “Advanced” menu (next to the search bar) – Or click the “filter shortcut” from the column header.
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