Salesforce Connector


If you are looking to connect Salesforce to Zoey, our first-party connector can bridge the gap! Custom objects can be synchronized, as well as native Salesforce objects. Syncs can be triggered on a set schedule, or after certain actions are completed.

To get more information about the connector or to get started, open a ticket with Zoey support.

Key Features

  • Ability to map any Salesforce Object from Salesforce to Zoey Products, Orders, Customers or Quotes.
  • Ability to set the direction and schedule for synchronization
  • Ability to specify a “filter” for which records in an object will be synchronized (to set a Salesforce Field like “Sync With Zoey (Y/N)” on any SF object so Zoey knows which records from that object to sync.
  • Support for Salesforce Relational and Formula fields.

With the above you can (for example):

  • Create new products from Salesforce in Zoey
  • Synchronize and continually update product prices and inventory from Salesforce to Zoey
  • Create new Customers from Salesforce in Zoey
  • Create new Zoey Customers in Salesforce as Leads
  • Send Orders from Zoey to Salesforce

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