B2B and Wholesale Customer Groups
for eCommerce Businesses

When it comes to volume purchasing, one size definitely does not fit all. Leverage Customer Groups as a powerful tool to segment buyers and provide specific information to each group.

Create a Unique Journey

With Customer Groups, you can provide individualized pricing, catalogs and content for each segment, giving your customers a superior shopping experience while maximizing sales.

  • Tiered Pricing: Show discounts available to the customer based on quantities purchased.
  • Customized Catalog: Decide which products and categories customers in each segment can see.
  • Promotions/Discounts: Each Customer Group can have its own discounting models to match your business logic.

Payment options by group

Offer different payment solutions for each of your customer segments:

  • Pay now by Credit Card (choose from a variety of processors)
  • Link to popular payment solutions such as PayPal or Amazon Pay
  • Collect payment later via accounting software or through check/money order

Segment Your Customers

Paired with our Access Restrictions features, Customer Groups allow for limitless permutations of your store. Use the feature with Customer Groups to control what they see:

  • Products – Show certain products or versions of products
  • Categories – Hide entire categories of products
  • Content pages, such as different return policies

A logged out group gives you control over what site guests see – retail pricing, or a requirement to log in to see pricing.

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Customized search

Zoey’s advanced search capabilities means customers in an individual Customer Group will see results customized for them, including:

  • Pricing specific to their Customer Group
  • Only products and categories they’re allowed to see
  • Any special promotions specific to their segment

Maximum Flexibility; Minimum Effort to Leverage

Tiered Pricing

Set volume discounts and price breaks for each Customer Group. Layer on discount price rules to achieve even the most complex pricing arrangements within Zoey.

Increment Quantities

Set quantity increments based on the ordering requirements for each segment. Retail customers can buy individually, wholesale by the case, and bulk buyers by the pallet.

Shipping Choices

Each Customer Group can be displayed different shipping arrangements for shipping goods. Or leverage app ShipperHQ for more complicated arrangements like Dimensional Shipping or Freight Shipping.

Free Shipping Thresholds

Set the order size that each Customer Group needs to achieve to receive Free Shipping. Don’t let wholesale pricing hurt your ability to cover the cost of shipping!

Redirect Upon Login

Each Customer Group can be directed to a unique page for each group upon login. Further personalize your store with a special landing page for each of your customer segments!

Unique Discounts/Promotions

Set discount rules, promotions and coupons that can only be used by certain Customer Groups. Craft custom offers that drive sales within each of your segments.

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