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New login screen inside browser

You can set up your Zoey store to require a username and password to access the storefront. This is great for sellers who are looking for something closer to an Order Portal experience, or those who want to pre-register customers to ensure they see the right pricing.

You can have a registration link to accept registrations of those who don’t currently have access, and you can queue registrations for approval to ensure only those who should be granted access are ultimately approved. You can also have additional fields added to the standard registration forms to capture all the information necessary to process a registration.

Hide Cart and Pricing for Guests

For those businesses that want a public catalog, but require customers to be registered and logged in to place orders, Zoey can be configured to have a public website but with the cart and pricing disabled. This allows sellers to use their catalog as a Search Engine Optimization benefit, while restricting ordering to those approved customers.

This also allows for pricing to be displayed based on the logged in account, especially important for businesses who segment pricing based on customer type.

Catalog Restrictions

You can set up product catalogs with items that only present to certain groups of customers based on their customer group assignments. If you sell multiple lines of products, with different customer bases for each, you can assign each customer to a group that shows only products that are relevant to them.

If you have products designed specifically for certain customers or buyers, or have special edition items that only go to a certain group of accounts, Catalog Restrictions will let you hide those products from those who aren’t eligible to buy them.

Payment Type Restrictions

Your store can have an array of payment types set-up, including credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay, Net Terms, and Check/Money Order, among others. However, sometimes not all payment options are relevant or should be available to all accounts.

Payment type restrictions can allow you to decide which Customer Groups can have access to each payment type, ensuring that you can maintain control over how each customer type pays you, and not take on any unnecessary risk with the payment aspect of merchandise.

Shipping Type Restrictions

Different customer types may require different shipping options. Some may require basic services such as FedEx or UPS, while others may require more complex options like LTL Freight. 

To ensure merchants have the ability to show the right options to the right buyers, Zoey supports shipping type restrictions, which can be set for each Customer Group. Accounts than get assigned to each group, which will determine which options are shown.