The Best Ecommerce Platform For B2B Brands and Wholesale Businesses

Restrict Site Access

Let pre-approved customers order from your secure B2B store at their convenience, lowering your costs and increasing order volume.

Robust Backend

Manage pricing, shipping, payment and minimum order volume by customer groups, for scalable processes.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Zoey’s built-in marketing tools and integrations with leading marketing platforms help you grow sales and scale your business.

Create a Private Site For Your Customers

Easily create a password-protected storefront that only lets authorized customers view your site. Powerful tools give you fine-grained control over site restriction:

  • Approved customers need an account to access any part of your site
  • Anyone can view your site, but only approved customers can checkout
  • Anyone can view your site but only pricing and checkout is accessible to approved customers

Restrict Access to Categories and Products

Category and product access restriction give you another layer of control over the information a customer can see. Based on customer groups, you can hide:

  • Entire categories, pricing in a category or add to cart functionality for that category
  • Products, product pricing, add to cart or access to a product details page

Along with private site functionality, Zoey gives merchants far more control over access to their site and content than any other SaaS eCommerce platform.

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Advanced Account Registration and Approval

Zoey’s account registration features give you a variety of ways to configure your account creation and approval process, eliminating paperwork and hassles:

  • Create a unique registration form for your customers groups
  • Include custom fields like Tax ID
  • Pick from workflows to approve accounts automatically or manually
  • Send automated emails when an account is pending approval and once approved

Flexible Pricing Rules: Tiered, Grouped and More

Pricing flexibility is key to the success of any B2B business. Zoey empowers merchants to customize their pricing based on both customer groups and order volume.

This allows you to offer different pricing to wholesale customers and retail customers. It also gives you to power to create tiered pricing based on the amount of a product that a customer purchases.

Make Bulk Ordering Easier

Zoey’s quick order feature makes large orders more efficient by letting customers add multiple products to their cart at once by SKU and quantity.

By making bulk ordering an easy and seamless process, merchants typically see larger and more frequent orders from their customers.

Tailor Payment, Shipping and Ordering to Customer Groups

Zoey lets you segment customers into groups and configure which payment and shipping methods each group can access. We also let you set a minimum order amount per customer group.

Together, these tools help you you protect margins and ensure predictable order volume.

File attachments add depth to product information

Post product specification materials, marketing one-pagers and other files that can help provide important information about your products to customers. Our file manager lets you host a variety of image and document types to ensure a robust product page experience.

Easily organize your files into folders for future reference. Bulk upload and attach files using our import feature, and then use our drag-and-drop design editor to choose where you wish the files to be displayed on your product page.

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Host on Fast and Highly Scalable Infrastructure

Zoey is built from leading technologies and decades of experience hosting some of the world’s most sophisticated Magento sites.

These factors allowed us to build a multi-tenant infrastructure capable of delivering blazing fast speed while handling thousands of concurrent users.

Industry-Leading Marketing and Conversion Tools

Zoey’s built-in marketing tools help you grow faster by driving more traffic and higher sales.

Zoey also integrates with leading marketing platforms like MailChimp, Nosto and Google’s portfolio of products, further enhancing your ability to scale.

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